IBC Container – The Clever Alternative To Conventional Containers

Are you ready for the winter? We hope so! And what about your garden or better said garden accessories? Especially hobby gardeners and diligent garden owners know exactly what we mean by that. Not only in the summer heat, but especially in the freezing cold should z. B. all containers that contain temperature-sensitive substances or water, be optimally protected. Therefore, instead of using traditional containers, we recommend switching to IBC containers. Or have you already done it? Then you definitely need the necessary accessories as well as some important tips. Stay with us if you want and learn more.

What is an IBC container?

Intermediate Bulk Containers, IBCs for short, are a kind of innovative tank that is widely used not only in the chemical, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, but also in the private sector for the storage of liquids or free-flowing substances. Normally, an IBC container consists of an inner container, also called a bubble, a pallet as a base and a grid cage or tubular frame. The pallets can be made of different materials, such as steel, wood, plastic, etc. The lattice cage, also called by some lattice box, is usually made of steel and plays the role of an outer container, which serves as protection against a possible deformation of the tank.

IBC containers – extremely practical and versatile

tank ibc container plastic steel

The bladder of the container is usually made of plastic, mostly HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and always cuboid. This specific shape ensures optimal utilization of the container volume. The standard version is the version with a capacity of approx. 1000 liters. And how does an IBC container work? Very easily. Each tank has an opening on the top and a drain on the bottom – each for filling and emptying.

The versatility of an IBC container

The ease of use, extreme ruggedness and guaranteed longevity, together with the optimum weather resistance of the IBC containers and related accessories are some of the main reasons for the different applications of these practical containers. The main role of the IBC container for private use, for example, is as a water tank and alternative irrigation matter. In addition to the classic rain barrel, both new and used IBC containers are perfect for rainwater storage and use. Further areas of application for the alternative IBC water tanks are agriculture and the construction industry. It is not uncommon to use IBC containers when setting up a stage or when planning different events.

Ensure optimal use of rainwater!

rainwater harvesting with ibc container

The most important advantages of IBC containers at a glance

  • extremely robust, durable and weather-resistant
  • the cuboid design allows the maximum utilization of the container volume
  • easy to clean after use and thus reusable
  • much less space compared to other containers
  • Conveniently stackable
  • very convenient to transport – by pallet truck, forklift or ant
  • Easier operation – with just a few simple steps, the tank is filled or emptied

Steel meets plastic

ibc container bubble plastic tube frame steel

Find the right accessories

Even the best IBC container needs the right accessories to function optimally and to keep its contents safe even in freezing and heat. Especially thermo and cover hoods, but also container heaters, heating jackets or mats serve as the perfect protection for your tank. If you also want to make a production facility out of your IBC container, inner container stirrers and sub-base tubs will help you. Special tools for opening or changing can always be used when clamping the lid or tap. And if you want to make your IBC container an eye-catcher or convert it into a party bar table, then it says: built-in LED lighting!

No problem with high-quality online shops, such as rekubik.de , So, get advice from experienced professionals when buying your IBC container and matching accessories and benefit from perfect service and fair prices!

Equip your IBC container with a thermo hood!

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The IBC containers – space-saving and easy to transport

ibc container plastic steel container