Organize Your Very Special Garden Party In Summer!

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The wonderful summer is already here and so is the time for your garden party. It is a matter that can be addictive. It is also very simple and easy to organize. Enjoy the warm afternoons and evenings and create a pleasant ambience in your garden! You can create incredible party atmosphere with very simple items and a bit more imagination. Surprise your guests and family with adorable decoration and a taste.

Start with the chairs, for example. A very elegant idea would be transparent seating furniture like this at the top of the picture. They give freshness and freedom and let the table decoration show itself in its full beauty. Chic vintage chairs are also not a bad idea. They give the party atmosphere a special, unmistakable note. This is mainly white.

Summerly lightness and fragrant flowers

Gardenparty summer outdoor decoration

You can lay down white seats and light white candles

Gardenparty antique chairs retro design

Chairs in Shabby chic style are also recommended

Gardenparty table decoration outdoor summer party striped tablecloth

If you like it a bit more solid, then try with elegant rattan armchairs. The rough texture of these seating furniture is a perfect inclusion in a stylish party decoration. As can be seen below, the whole is complemented by a chic tablecloth with glittering sequins. This gives your table decoration an appropriate luxury touch. Arrange a table top with fresh flowers for more beauty and good mood.

Exquisite elegance and measured comfort at the dining table

Garden party table decoration flower decoration glitter ceiling rattan armchair

For a playful, eclectic effect you can combine different chairs

Gardenparty table decoration fresh flowers vintage chairs

For these of you, which stand on nature and simplicity, we recommend table decoration made of delicate flowers and slices of natural wood. Add fresh summer colors such as yellow or orange and give your guests a feeling of endless summer holidays and unconcerned ease.

Choose flowers, napkins or table runners in such shades

Gardenparty natural wood table decoration fresh flowers herbs

A table decoration made of large flower blossoms can be complemented by robust wooden candlesticks

Gardenparty translucent chairs oval backrest

Experiment with juicy green apples!

Gardenparty fresh flowers table decoration green apples

Place seasonal flowers in the center of your table and combine them with colored glass jars. Such a table decoration is not only stylish but also mood-lightening. Do not forget to put soft seat cushions on the chairs for a comfortable dose of comfort.

Magnificent and fragrant in the garden

Gardenparty summer table decoration fresh flowers

Ceramic heads full of garden herbs as table decoration can also look very successful

Gardenparty stylish table decoration fresh herbs

If you value a noble retro look, you can reach this with crystal glasses in gold luster. For more dynamic in the decoration, use a pattern tablecloth, as shown below with the Chevron pattern.

If you have no heirlooms, you can also find such elegant glasses at the flea market

Gardenparty retro glasses golden accents chevron pattern tablecloth

Make sure you have original look at your decoration!

Garden party decoration table decoration flower umbrellas

Do not forget to pay attention to small things even at picnic tables

Gardenparty decoration picnic party

Are you looking for a DIY idea for your garden party? Then maybe this below would be something for you. Spray jars or glass bottles with a color spray of your choice and place candles or other objects in them.

Gold in Matt could be quite dignified and casual at the same time

Gardenparty gold glossy spray glasses decorate

If you are really fond of self-made, you can build your dining table from Europaletten

Gardenparty outdoor party

For real purists, jute runners would be the perfect choice

Gardenparty original table decoration jute table runner

For the simple table decoration, of course, white candles and glass bottles are suitable

Gardenparty outdoor table decoration glass bottles white candles

Fancy decoration with cardboard boxes

Gardenparty table decoration cardboard boxes

A tribute to the sunflowers

Gardenparty table decoration yellow napkins

Put a lot of fresh vegetables and tender meadow flowers on the table

Gardenparty table decoration rustic table

Tablecloths with floral patterns, magnificent flowers and succulents

Garden party tablecloth windmill sunflower succulents

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