Outdoor Kitchen And Garden Lounge Planned? Here Are Some Chic Variants!

Turn your backyard into a homey area and give your family members and friends a blast. If you have the opportunity, you should definitely invest in a modern and elegant outdoor kitchen in combination with a beautiful garden lounge. The available stylistic solutions are very many. Below are some particularly modern variants. They are characterized by chic elegance and some even by luxury charisma. In a way, they are quite economical, because their design emphasizes the seamless appearance and the straight lines. This restraint is important because you want to focus more on nature and the beautiful surroundings out there. This works much better with simple stylistic solutions and comfortable seating.

Rustic design elements are always up to date in outdoor kitchens

outdoor kitchen garden lounge rustic idea

The modern outdoor kitchen: Combination of current solutions and rustic elements

In many of our examples you will discover rustic elements. In addition, you can see wonderfully that they are well-versed in modern concepts. This combination works well in the garden design, because the simple natural materials harmonize wonderfully with the outdoor area.

In certain cases, the rustic touches can add touches to the seamless modern outdoor kitchen or garden lounge. Popular solutions are wooden chairs, tables or certain decorative elements.

The built-in furniture has many great advantages!

outdoor kitchen built-in storage space garden lounge

Diverse built-in furniture

Even with little space in the backyard, you can plan and design a garden lounge or outdoor kitchen. The built-in furniture of various kinds help much further. Most popular are these solutions for the storage options. Built-in seating and sleeping arrangements are another very good idea. In addition to the place, the installation ideas have another big advantage as well. Positioned next to a wall, they are much easier to combine with wind and rain protection ideas.

The zoning of large outdoor kitchens and garden lounges makes the garden more livable

outdoor kitchen zoning with canopies garden lounge

Shapes of different areas

The outdoor kitchen looks modern, if you just as in the interior of different zones clearly separated. Already the combination of an outdoor kitchen and garden lounge can be regarded as a design concept with such a unique character. These can be divided just as nicely. For example, you can define a separate area for the grill and one for cooking. Different zones can be separated from one another by partitions or by different roofs. It depends on how important privacy is for you.

Think carefully about how many seats you need for the dining area next to the outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen many seats to sit garden lounge

Sufficient and flexible seating

The outdoor kitchen should not have an excessive number of seats and still they would have to be sufficient in number. How do you actually meet these two requirements? Preferably, when one thinks of different flexible solutions. Chairs can be put down and taken away again or put in different places. Modular furniture for the garden lounge are also a great idea in this sense.

With a modern design, even the large work surfaces will not stand out too much

outdoor kitchen wide work surfaces garden lounge

Grilling in a modern way

Despite the many varied trends for the outdoor kitchen and the garden lounge, one thing remains unchanged: You just have to grilling in the outdoor area. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to the zone that is intended for this type of preparation. It should be as wide as possible and combined with different working and storage areas.

If you have such a beautiful view, you should be able to enjoy it from the lounge

outdoor kitchen view of the lake garden lounge

So what do you have to consider when choosing the modern, elegant outdoor kitchen?

Even if the outdoor kitchen has a very modern look, it must take up the traditional principles of outdoor culinary and natural enjoyment. Because these remain unchanged and just in their primitive, spontaneous nature, they are popular by us all in the summer. The seamless lines are in this sense a universal and certainly successful solution. They can and should be combined with great-looking, comfortable yet equally durable materials. There are so many different variants for customization! You probably recognize this in the pictures we have collected and you can be inspired for your own design!

The modern outdoor kitchens and garden lounges often remind strongly of these interior

luxury under the canopy outdoor kitchen garden lounge

Even simple solutions could look modern if the straight lines dominate

outdoor kitchen simple sit-down garden lounge

Cleverly add some vintage rustic accents! This fits the modern outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen accent chairs garden lounge

The high quality wood is always in demand in modern outdoor kitchens

outdoor kitchen of noble wood garden lounge

Another modern outdoor kitchen with flexible constructions

outdoor kitchen bar counter garden lounge
outdoor kitchen comfortable furniture garden lounge
outdoor kitchen exotic style garden lounge

Natural materials in neutral colors are very popular for current concepts

outdoor kitchen garden lounge garden with stones and wood
outdoor kitchen garden lounge bright colors
outdoor kitchen garden lounge with caming facility

With clever positioning, the outdoor kitchen can look very homely even with a few furniture

outdoor kitchen garden lounge with great stone tiles
outdoor kitchen garden lounge sunny mood
outdoor kitchen garden lounge great design
outdoor kitchen garden lounge front yard idea

Gray and white are a popular choice for garden lounges in modern homes

outdoor kitchen gray udn white nuances garden lounge
outdoor kitchen green courtyard in the city garden lounge
outdoor kitchen wood house seating garden lounge

Still a simple, but noble-looking outdoor kitchen!

outdoor kitchen hoz storage garden lounge
outdoor kitchen wood and upholstery garden lounge
outdoor kitchen fridge idea garden lounge

There is a wide selection of beautiful yet durable materials

outdoor kitchen modern materials garden lounge
outdoor kitchen beautiful fitted furniture garden lounge
outdoor kitchen great fireplace garden lounge
outdoor kitchen zoning on the ground garden lounge