Outdoor Sink: Creative Ideas And Useful Tips

January is almost over and we can slowly get ready for spring. And then quickly and unnoticed the summer will arrive. This is somehow always too short and that’s why we would like to start with his preparation now. So we can only devote ourselves afterwards to the enjoyment of the hot season. Do you find this setting useful? Then we can start with a little something: a nice and functional sink for the outdoor kitchen!

Often the sink is an integral part of the outdoor kitchen

Position the sink at the window

Why is the sink outside making any sense outside?

In several articles from last year, we have emphasized that you are increasingly expanding your own living area outside. In summer, this helps to enjoy the nice warm hours more intensively. With the right roofing and heating you could actually spend more time in the cooler seasons.

Comfortable furniture and even an outdoor kitchen make perfect sense if you use them intensively and spend more time with friends and family. But not everyone can afford it right away. The minimum required for an outdoor meal, however, is a comfortable table, as well as comfortable and practical storage space. Yes, and just a sink, so you do not run constantly with the dirty dishes back and forth. This spoils your appetite for every dinner out there!

You can drain the water from the sink with a hose in the channel

antique white sink

Find the right place for the outdoor sink

Where is the sink out there right? Does one have one outdoor kitchen , of course, the sink should be integrated there meaningful. In all other cases, the following rules apply: It must be near the dining table. If that’s not possible then he should at least be easily accessible from there. Without much entanglement, the way to a kitchen should be the same.
In addition to the sink, you need a comfortable storage area. It does not have to be there for you. In some cases, the sink is attached to a window. There are also other great creative solutions that are illustrated in our pictures.

The industrial style is great for an outdoor sink

diy sink in green and white

The connection to the line

Many people are deterred from having technical difficulties by installing a sink prior to installation. It just seems too difficult to connect this to the line. Actually you do not always have to pierce the walls and make the whole thing a very complicated matter. Take a look at our pictures and you will discover many ideas in it, including only a hose and bucket. Great is not it?

DIY sinks like these give the garden an original look

metal rural sink

Materials and style

Whether we use the sink in the context of a larger outdoor kitchen concept or individually, the materials and stylistic appearance should be chosen very carefully. The first must be adapted to the outdoor conditions. They should be moisture and water resistant. If you want to have a metal sink, then it should have a stainless surface feature. The wood must be of high quality and treated accordingly so that it does not become moldy or otherwise easily broken. Much better, of course, these sinks are secured, which are under a canopy.

A great sink made of wood would refine the garden area

rustic flair sink

The sink as an accent in the exterior

Finally, the sink should stylistically enrich the outdoor area. That does not necessarily mean that he has to look very expensive. Vintage ideas and those in the rural style are also very well received. Homemade projects are very popular! Take a look at our great ideas and maybe you’ll be inspired to choose from your own perfect outdoor sink!

Many different pieces of furniture can turn into great sinks for the garden

homemade sink plastic

DIY sinks and other furniture are often made out of pallets

sink made of wood and metal

The great sink design makes this tricky place a little oasis

sink in ethnic style

Modern outdoor sinks are often integrated into multifunctional facilities

sink metal and stone

The sink is part of a super original concept

sink with original design

Sink units must have integrated or nearby storage space

sink with red white design

Sink units that can be moved are particularly convenient

sink with simple and functional design

Stone and marble are not only beautiful for the outdoor kitchen, but also very practical

sink with great wood texture

With such a simple idea you spread Provence mood

Sink provence style

The sink can serve as a great accent in the room!

sink overcrowded room

Another charming and simple DIY project

sink like a table on the wall

Perfect for the fans of the rustic style!

two metal sinks