Plant Flower Boxes And Successfully Create Your Own Vegetable Garden

In our society more and more people are talking about self-sufficiency and healthy eating. Every reasonable consumer is more likely to wonder where his food or clothing comes from and under which conditions they are eventually made. Today we would like to give you again sustainable and nature-conscious tips on how you can improve your quality of life with your own strength, very easily and without spending too much money. For this reason, and because March is so good for it, we decided to write an article about Vegetable garden mooring. We’ll show you how to pull up fresh vegetables in flower boxes.

Create garden and look forward to the small but very tasty harvest

vegetable garden create flower box vegetable eggplant mix

Create a vegetable garden on the balcony

You can almost say that gardening on the balcony is a trend among younger people. More and more city people want to watch or even show their children how many vegetables grow and mature. For this you do not need to lease an allotment or to organize a holiday on the farm.

The vegetable garden can succeed quite well in which one simply knows the vegetable varieties, which can also grow well on the balcony and flourish.

It is good for the kids to know how the vegetables are growing

vegetable garden create flower boxes children education

But before we move on to the actual garden part of our article, it might not be bad to mention anything: Consider the location of your balcony or patio and make sure the plants you are going to maintain will also have enough light to get.

Otherwise, it is clear that you should only get fresh mother earth and water your plants regularly. Depending on the type of vegetables you can also choose the depth of the flower boxes and allow a carrot, for example, the perfect development.

It saves a lot of work when you buy directly young plants on the market

vegetable garden create flower box onion pods

Which types of vegetables can be planted on the balcony?

Below you will find out which vegetables are perfect for living in flower boxes. The first and very easy-care vegetable variety that we would like to introduce to you is the tomato , Since there are so many different types of tomatoes, we would recommend you to choose something smaller, such as cherry tomatoes, for example, for your business. This allows the smaller fruits to ripen evenly and completely without any lack of nutrients. Other vegetables, which also feel good in the flower box, are the beetroot radish , the Abergine, the spinach, various types of lettuce, peppers, onions and even Baby potatoes ,

The harvest can seem tiny and maybe modest, but it tastes fresh and very delicious

Every vegetable garden is perfect with a bunch aromatic culinary herbs supplement and always have fresh stems on hand.

Get small vessels with cuttings that you can instal on your balcony right away. This will make gardening easier for you, especially if you are still inexperienced in it.

In this spirit we wish you a lot of enthusiasm for the gardening and a good success with your little balcony garden!

Crunchy, tasty and, above all, freshly harvested – this is how healthy food can taste

vegetable garden create flower salad salads

Various types of salads can be pulled up on the balcony or terrace uncomplicated

vegetable garden create flower box vegetable

Spinach and kale can be quickly picked on the balcony

vegetable garden create flower box mix

The balcony may be small, but there is room for everything

vegetable garden create flower box small balcony

The tomato plant is easy to care for and matures quickly during the season

Create vegetable garden

With an eggplant you will have something to fight, but once it has matured…

vegetable garden create flower box vegetable eggplant

Anytime, anywhere, you can plant kitchen herbs and make a profit all year round from their positive qualities

vegetable garden create flower potions heilkraeuter

It is said that contact with the earth is therapeutic

vegetable garden plant flower box plant

Everyone is happy about one or two fresh radishes in the salad

vegetable garden create flower box radish

You can also bring beets to maturity on the balcony with a little more patience

vegetable garden create flower box ruebe

Every plant needs light, water and of course enough nutrients

vegetable garden create flower box

You do not necessarily have to have a green thumb

vegetable garden create flower flowering watering can

Those who have not yet discovered this for themselves, will soon feel it, because gardening is really great fun

vegetable garden create flower cauliflower kitchen herbs

You can make a garden beautiful and still plant food

vegetable garden create flower cauliflower sharp pod

March is the month when you take your first steps into the gardening season

vegetable garden create flower daisies eggplant

Kitchen herbs can be enjoyed throughout the year, if you like them so much

vegetable garden create flower basil

At each meal you can fresh and free put together his salads

vegetable garden crop flower crop harvest

You also learn how authentic the freshly picked vegetables smell

vegetable garden create flower caule gemuesebeet

Salad can also be recreated at any time, because you just need light and water

vegetable garden create flower growing lewnzahn
vegetable garden create flower boxes radish
vegetable garden plant flower cauliflower beet
vegetable garden create flower boxes sharp chili peppers
vegetable garden create flower cauliflower spinach
vegetable garden create flower growing upcyclimg ideas
vegetable garden create flower cauliflower onion flower
vegetable garden create flower growing onion
vegetable garden create flower bulb onion