Planters As A Design Element – Creativity Knows No Bounds

Although it is still a bit cold and wintry, but the first thoughts of gardening or terrace design buzzing through the head. What will be planted this year? Where exactly and how the whole thing looks even prettier?… Every passionate gardener thinks and acts and prepares his garden season as early as possible.

A garden design does not only mean to look after magnificent plants, but also to use innovative materials and decorate them in a modern way. Today we would like to give you some fresh ideas, such as planting its Room or terrace design make it look even more appealing.

planter wood

Why is the planter important?

At first glance, the planters are something very common and you can only recognize the pure functionality of those. But what if you were to design your living rooms, stairs and / or terrace with the (planted) tubs? It can only get more beautiful and you should absolutely try it, because the selection is big enough and you can get any shape, color, or look of the vessel for his creative project quickly and easily.

But what else should you know about the potted plants and planters?

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What should one know about potted plants and planters?

It will not do you any good if you have modern plant pots positioned in the room, but the plants in it look a bit unfortunate. The size of the bucket, its shape and position should be adapted to the”preferences”of the plants growing in it. Each container plant needs an optimal space in the room to get the necessary amount of light. In addition, should be thought of sufficient moisture and soil in the pot. These criteria should be fulfilled so that the tubs together with the plants can actually beautify your living space.

plant fungus by size and shape

Creative ideas with planters

With a harmonious color scheme and order of size and shape, you can create blooming ensambles in the stairwell, on the fence, on the kitchen wall or even in the bathroom. Flower pots and plants create a better indoor climate and thus have a positive effect on us humans. Disguise the kitchen herbs in beautiful flower tubs and marvel at the great change in your kitchen.

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plant glands after big kitchen
plant fungus by size

Plant pots and jars can literally improve your workplace. Apart from the fact that your office may look much better with the modern look of the tubs, you can protect yourself from harmful radiation from electronic devices by some indoor plants.

And because we turned to the gardeners in the beginning, the above words apply to the garden. The stone or wood look of some vessels is not noticeable, but the garden looks tidier and neat.

You can break all the classic rules and modern with stainless steel and glass in his garden design. But you can also prefer exotic natural materials or do something completely new and equip your garden with LED tubs.

If you think about refreshment at the beginning of spring, try several options without forgetting that your plants are not exhibits but living things!

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