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Gabions are considered a versatile garden design, which is very easy to use. Many homeowners opt for a wall wall, because their robustness, stability and appearance are particularly attractive. In the article, we will present ideas for wall walls that are designed according to individual design. Combinations with other materials such as wood or aluminum are very popular and symbolize the individual touch in the garden design. You can find out more about the following topics, which are an informative summary of the subject of the Gabion wall.

Combinations with wood are very popular


A gallery wall has an outstanding appearance, which can upgrade your property very well. The design is considered a time-intensive project, because you have to prepare and build almost everything yourself. Reason for this is that the gabions Not finished and you have to carry out the filling yourself. When it comes to a wall that is more than 1 meter high, the foundation wall of the wall of the wall needs a foundation that will ensure the stability of the construction in the future.

These types of garden walls are considered to be very stable and particularly durable, because the stones, which serve as filling, ensure a unique stability in the garden. The outstanding construction protects your garden from prying eyes and you have a private garden in the garden that is perfect for rest and relaxation.

The filling of the gabions has to be done by yourself, the wire baskets are delivered without filling. In addition, you can select the filling itself and the selection palette of the stones is really large and perfectly combinable with your garden design. The most popular versions of Gabion walls are the granite, quartzite or limestone quarries. The construction is not easy, however, because the wire baskets are very difficult and not easy to position at all. It is recommended to place the gabs as the first unfilled and to build and only then you fill the wire baskets With any stones.

The filling can be selected according to its own taste

gabionen-filling-out glass stones

When it comes to the filling of the gab, one should first consider whether the wall will be covered later. If so, one does not need expensive and beautiful stones, but a gab filling, which has good compressive strength and frost resistance. Such properties are particularly important because the weather resistance of the wall of the gabion will play a very important role in severe weathering. When filling the gabion baskets, it is recommended that no large cavities are formed between the stones. This is the only way to create a perfect compaction of the wall wall.

The wall wall is generally not cheap and for this reason many homeowners opt for modern combinations with gabions. The costs depend on the size of the gabions and also on the type of stones. If you have an exact idea for the wall wall, then you should calculate the costs well. It is very often the case that the kilopreise and kits of the Gabions vary very strongly with the different offerers.

Gabion walls belong to the individualized garden design

modern-gabionen wall

The individuality is characterized by different grain, color and pattern, which create a unique atmosphere in the garden. The end result will surely attract attention.

Do not forget the foundation of the Gabion wall

baustelle-gabionen wall-do it yourself-

Protection from prying eyes

Gabion wall gabionen

gabionen-gabionen wall

gabionen-gabionen wall-ideas

gabionen-gabionen wall-tips



gabionen walls-corner

gabionen wall-ideas

gabionen wall-yourself-make

gabionen wall-stones-filling


gartengestaltung-gabionen wall

half-filling-gabionen wall

halnhohe-gabionen wall


small-stones-gabionen wall

combinations-gabionen wall

combination-wood-gabionen wall

luxury-gabionen wall-design

modern-design gabionen


stones-filling-gabionen wall

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