The Garden Lighting: The Necessary Prerequisite For The Garden Enjoyment

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You have done everything in the garden setting right, but for one reason or another, do not feel comfortable and safe? The reason for this can be the incorrectly and correctly used garden lighting. Without these, all the rest of the effort does not bring the desired results.

When is the garden lighting done right?

They recognize the right garden lighting on some clear marks. It creates a balanced and pleasant mood. It is not too bright, so the mysticism and romance disappear from the outside. The appropriate garden lighting Is at the same time not too restrained, so it does not all appear gloomy and dangerous. So you feel safe and well cared for.

With the right garden lighting you create a feel-good atmosphere in the outdoor area

Garden lighting fireplace faucet bamboo garden plants


The right garden lighting also has an ornamental effect. It illuminates the garden and decorates it at the same time. So, it is also adapted to the style of the entire exterior furnishings.

Various zones illuminate and highlight them visually

The appropriate garden lighting offers great ambient light, and at the same time it is able to bring more intense light into some zones.

It assumes the task of separating the various areas in the garden from each other. It also secures more light for certain work zones and puts them in the foreground immediately.

Play with the light

Garden lighting wall lights outdoor pool natural stones wood flooring sunbeds

Many different types of garden lights

Around Choose the appropriate garden lighting You must be well versed in a wide range of many different garden lamps currently available on the market. The lamps differ according to different criteria: It depends on where and how they can be installed. Also, there are some that work with electricity and others that work with batteries. There are also lamps which are operated by solar energy.

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of all these variants in accordance with their own needs.

Last but not least there are different striking garden lights. Some have a sculptural character and will be very present. Other lamps, on the other hand, are subtle and can practically disappear in the garden landscape.

In the first case, the lamps serve as decoration, and in the second, they make the garden elements such.

Modern and environmentally friendly garden lighting

Garden lighting modern lighting garden design garden landscape


For most projects, the secret of success lies in the right combination. Use garden lights at different heights, use those that are subtler and more eye-catching. This is how you emphasize the different benefits of your garden and make them appear visually different in the evening and night. It is important, of course, that a uniform and harmonious picture emerge at the end.

Security and savings

The selection and placement of outdoor garden lights must be done in such a way that you can feel safe and save energy in your own garden. This is the last step after which you should evaluate the various possible plans for garden lighting.

Magical moments in the garden

Garden lighting flowerpots bright round garden design

Feng Shui mood with lighted bamboo

Garden lighting bamboo exterior lighting indirect lighting

Damped light and summer bliss

Garden lighting lighting fixtures pergola garden design

DIY garden ideas with Europaletten

Garden lighting europaletten diy stairs garden design ideas

Nostalgic flair and candles

Garden lighting antique lantern candles

Feel good in the courtyard

Garden lighting bamboo windmill wall gardening bamboo

Create a Southern mood

Outdoor lighting

LED lights with a simple design

Garden lighting modern exterior lighting led lighting garden design ideas

Laue evenings at the garden pool

Garden lighting pool gardening light bulbs modern lighting

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