The Most Important Points When Building A Stone-raised Bed

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The best seasons for the construction of raised beds are spring or fall. We are now on the threshold of the summer. The topic is still current. You can now actually complete a raised bed. If you want to spend a lot of time outside, then you can do any kind of work. Just take care that the right time for growing up is not enough until it gets a bit cooler.

The modern garden design is characterized by an ever-increasing character. Structure, interesting ground plans, structure of the different zones are all typical characteristics. The raised beds can fulfill these design functions in addition to their main function, making the gardening easier and more effective.

The material is very important both from a design point of view and for practical reasons. In the following, we are concerned with what is to be observed when we build a stone-raised bed ourselves. This material is very popular and has many aesthetic and practical advantages.

Homemade raised beds use a variety of forms

High bed oval

Take care of the good basis when building a raised bed

Among all the different alternatives, a raised bed of stone is one of the most stable. It can also be built over a considerable height. Unlike other variants, such as wood or plastic, it can last longer. If you build a stable stone-raised-bed yourself, this can serve you for many long years.

The rest would usually have to be exchanged at the latest after 2-3 years.

The base should be made of concrete and you need a watertight foundation underneath. The latter can be made of gravel or lava. This so-called drainage layer must be over 70 or 80 cm below ground. It depends on the depth of the wet soil. The drainage layer should be around 30-40 cm thick. The base itself should be about the same height. For compacting the lower layer, use a vibrating plate. It is also important that the base protrude on all sides about 5 cm in front of the wall.

Stone-raised beds of different heights can look good in the garden

Stone raised bed

The right approach when building

The construction of a raised bed of stone is not too complicated. However, there are some critical points that you should pay particular attention to. We have mentioned the first such, namely the condensation under the base. Do not omit them. Your goal is not to allow water. It will lead to instability and slipping of the construction after freezing in winter. This, of course, entails both practical and aesthetic disadvantages.

The next critical point is the move of the first row. This should be laid straight using special measuring instruments. Possible inequalities at this point can not be straightened with the rest of the structure.

Also make sure that the first layer of the mortar dries very well after laying the first layer. Only then should you go to the next row of the next stones. For welding these together, you can use conventional building adhesives and no ordinary mortar. Maybe you can ask for a more suitable alternative in your purchase.

An important moment when constructing the stone raised bed is the viewing edge. To do this you have to work with the stones with a pavement cracker or the so-called”Scharriereisen”.

Stone beds in the form of a spiral are also very common

Spiral stone raised bed

The different possibilities with the forms

The stone raised beds offer many different possibilities for style and form. They can be oval, square, oblong. Stair-like constructions are also common. Due to the many possibilities, raised beds are often used for multifunctional purposes. These constructions also serve as a storage or seating area. They take over the role of decorative accents and visibility.

The basis is probably the most important part of such a DIY project

Base stone raised bed

Different possibilities with regard to the style

From the design point of view, the stones can look neutral, modern, minimalistic, but also rural, rough or industrial, depending on color and shape. The bricks have a very different character from the natural stone. But stone beds are generally a classic and therefore the garden design is always elevated and stylish.

Stones of different colors could be the structure of a raised bed

Baking stone

The peculiarities compared to the other materials

If you want to build a stone-raised-bed yourself, then you have to expect a comparatively larger effort. The exact work and the observance of all important steps are decisive. You need to work out the details well, so the design is visually appealing and stable. The great advantages over other constructions is the environmentally friendly character as well as the long endurance. The raised beds made of stone can last much longer before being renovated or replaced by others.

Take a look at a great instruction for creating the frame constructions of Stein-Hochbeeten in the following video!

Here is a great construction guide for the construction of a raised bed:

The first series is crucial for the design

High bed

A stone-raised-floor could also beautify the facade

High stone in front of the facade

You can choose different geometric shapes for your stone raised beds

Interesting figures stone raised bed

Longitudinal beds are mostly the most practical

Long-strung raised bed

The stone raised bed can be an interesting accent in the garden

Oval shape raised bed

A great series of beech trees with natural stones

Stone backyard vegetable backyard

The form of the stones can also make the raised bed appear very interesting

Stone high bed low

Treppenkonstruktion are also very popular with the Stein-Hochbeeten

Stone high bed step construction

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