Trendy Investment For Outdoor Furniture

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The weather is much cooler than it is typical for this time of the year. However, look at the good side: so you have more time to plan your outdoor furniture and its design outside better. Even you can make trendy investments in chic outdoor furniture. Here are some current trends that affect both the outdoor furnishings and the garden design.

In general, more comfort and relaxation are sought. One even speaks of Hygge-style and Hygge-Feeling in the outdoor area. Innovations are also very popular. However, they concern more functionality than the design of the furniture.

Example of Hygge outdoor design

Hygge in the garden with simple furniture

Hygge style outdoor garden furnishings

How should we properly understand the Hygge style in the outdoors? Painterly designed zones, fire places, furniture with comfortable upholstery – all this is one of them.

You may order furniture around the fire. Add a few additional decorative cushions.

Maybe you would like to have one outdoor carpet ,

Smartly designed outdoor dining and lawns – both are out there in 2017

Outdoor kitchen ever more up-to-date


There is even now an intelligent lawn. It is about a mixed form, whose care is extremely easy. It thrives well regardless of changing weather conditions.

We also find innovations at the Outdoor kitchens , They become an ever more complete replacement of the interior.

Pantones-Greenery is often found in the garden

Greenery and gray wood super modern 2017

Greenery and natural garden

In the garden design, Naturalism is trend number 1 for 2017. At the same time Pantone Greenery for one of the Colors of the year explained. This is often found in outdoor furniture. They are used as part of bold combinations. These represent a new trend. The result is a garden with several green nuances. This is totally relaxing and mystical.

fragrant plants

Fragrant plants and those that attract wildlife

The perfect experience in the garden we combine this year with the beautiful fragrance and the enticing of the wild life. You have more of this by matching garden plants. Flower varieties with strong aroma and those that attract butterflies or other pleasant”guests”are also announced in 2017.

The latest trends seem to have the goal that we do not want to leave the outdoor area. And precisely these four tendencies contribute. They are all connected with quite a lot of effort and a substantial investment. But they are worth it. Alternatively, you can also spice up your outdoor area with slight modifications and adjustments. Please read the following article ,

Well-known luxury, super modern accent

known luxury-tees-new-color accents

Combine colored and neutral zones

Known furniture in color

Throw cushions with eye-catching prints are modern

Dekokissen with patterns super modern

Rustic and minimalistic – the pairing of styles is up to date

Noble wood simple living also outside

The colors of the water and bright white – a modern color mix

Enhancements-of-living space-and-one-with-nature

You can also use the room divider to make the garden buter

color-by-room dividers-the-garden

Simple, well-known furniture appear again, but in actual colors

Functional simple furniture in current pastelnuancen

Still a great example of hygge feeling in the garden area


Modern in shape and a color that corresponds with the cityscape


Green and blue can be found in 2017 in great, designer variations

modern-color home-and-natural-one

Modern green and furniture with retro look

<img src="" alt="A Beautiful Remodel Ideas and cast iron outdoor furniture –

A Beautiful Remodel” title=”A Beautiful Remodel Ideas and cast iron outdoor furniture –

A Beautiful Remodel” class=”aligncenter”>

Outdoor design furniture are often not distinguishable from these for the interior

Outdoor furniture

Vintage look and mosaic surface made of wood – a creative and modern solution

retro style-hygge

Neutral nuances as accent colors – a modern trend 2017


Outdoor carpets are often there to provide a comfortable atmosphere outside

house-with-wooden floor-and-outdoor carpet

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