Trittsteine- 42 Landscaping Ideas Around The Garden Paths

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As far as gardening is concerned, there are many specialist books and study courses that deal explicitly with the topic. Many garden magazines supplement the knowledge about the design of a garden and provide other useful tips and ideas that are welcome to hobby gardeners. Somewhere in between we find niches, about which we gladly report and what our readers hopefully gladly are.

Today, we would like to go deeper into the theme of gardening and to deal with an often underestimated detail, namely the stepping stones. If one is to make its garden paths and the garden path to determine, one could also consider how and on what one would like to run. Would you rather barefoot enjoy the natural environment in the garden and the contact with the warm stones intensively perceive? Or should the steps be viewed as garden decoration?

With children's toys

What do you really need to step into?

To be honest, there is little to be said about need or an urgent need. But once you start with the big adventure called the garden, you should make the nails with heads.

The steps give your garden a decent and finished picture.

You define clearly and aesthetically the accessible area and give (if you like it) a recommended walking direction. Thus, the green areas are protected and the eyes open for new design possibilities.

Stepping stone

What material is good?

If you start with the design of your own garden, you will find no end and that is also good. Many garden centers offer simply everything about the garden design down to the smallest detail. If you would like an alternative and the garden according to individual ideas set up, the offers of specialty shops seem limited.

You can try to use original materials for the garden path, but stone and wood are the best materials for durability and sustainability.

Step recycling

Upcycling ideas for gardening

Depending on where your garden path is located, you can better orientate yourself according to the material. As shown below, you can use old wine barrels as a stepping stone to pass over water. Wine barrels can be bought at a favorable price in many online markets and the prefabricated shape and size of the lid make it a safe step. The texture of the wood serves as a natural protection in case of potential skidding. And the end result is just fantastic.

Stepping wine cap

Other people translated


The shape of the stepping stones depends on the type of garden path. When determining the garden path in your garden, you can feel the importance of the shape of the steps. Round stepping stones can be stone slabs that are either laid or simply hung up. Wooden beams, which resemble railway rails, look playful and natural at the same time. Last but not least, they fulfill the most important function: to serve as a signpost.

Step upcycling
Stepping wine bottle cap round plates
Stepped wood discs
Stepping stones from kiessteinen
Step stone heart
Butterfly butterfly
Stepping round plates
Stepping stones
Stepping lighting NEW4
Stepping stones
Does not usually occur
To enter the garden

Gardening ideas for how to create garden paths

Freedom of design knows no boundaries, but planning and financial containment would be very reasonable in this case. Pouring stones from concrete itself is perhaps painful, but you can make the stones directly on the spot and decorate to your own taste. Perhaps you are doing something crazy and get together with your friends and family. Together you create more and the heavy stones are quickly laid out in good mood. Further creative garden ideas for little money can be found in the attached picture gallery.

Round stones
To make their own steps

When you combine mosaic stones with stepping stones.

Footsteps mosaicsteine ​​garden paths
Stepping stone round boards
Stepping pottery ideas
Steps with flowers

Creativity is in demand

Stepping stones for little money
Stepping stones
Stepping stone crafts with children
Concrete blocks with mosaic stones
To make the mosaic itself
Step by step
Stepped mosaic stones

garden lighting

One of the most important points in interior and exterior design is lighting. A successful garde design can never Lighting the garden paths without. Whether you add footplates, washers or beams to your design, think, please, in advance of the garden lighting. It should be decent and energy-saving, and it would be best if the treads themselves absorb the sunlight and discreetly illuminate your path.

Stepping lighting NEW
Stepping lighting NEW3

closing Remarks

The more elaborately the stepping stones are designed, the more fantastic the night look. To consider all the little things is certainly difficult, but maybe our small contribution to the topic helps you.

At the end we would like to mention where Footplates cheap If you would rather move the craft to the next summer.

We wish you a fun summer with lots of diligence and enjoyment!

Stepping pottery ideas illuminated

Make the stepping stones themselves and even more gardenides

Stepping lighting NEW2
Stepping stone artfully
Stepping stone leaves
Jumping in the
stepping stones
Terraced garden paths
Show details for
Step by step garden design personal
Peace of mind
Stepping stones

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