11 Picnic Ideas, Suggestions And Recipes

Is there really something more beautiful than enjoying the early evening of the evening and the long sunny day outdoors in a pleasant company? To pack the picnic basket on the bike and to get away from the city with friends?

Picnics can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night, where you feel comfortable and recharge your batteries with positive thoughts. What you take to the picnic is only the most necessary, which is also easy to transport. At least one light summer food should be on your picnic blanket.

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In today’s article, we would like to share 11 picnic ideas and recipes with you and see the possibilities of where and how to make a picnic and what to think about.

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Picnic ideas and locations

You can also picnic in the park behind the university, but the further you go outside the city, the more regenerative can be the experience. An important part of the picnic is the pleasure and joy of having a tangible contact with nature.

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1) By bicycle

One goes classic to a suitable meadow by bike. You can only take a few things with you, so you can buy a bike basket, bike trailer or a bike Picnic backpack Good.

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2) On the beach

Even if it sounds very romantic and fairy-tale, the beach is not an enjoyable place if you choose it as a picnic. If you are about to prepare a romantic surprise, keep your thoughts away from the beach. The arguments, on the other hand, are only two- the wind and the fine sand that suddenly spreads everywhere, spoiling your food and drinks.

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3) In the mountains

The mountains are beautiful and the nature charms you, but especially here you should be very careful with the sun and choose a shady place for the picnic and carry a sun hat. In many mountain areas there are beautiful picnic areas with magnificent views.

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4) By the river

Looking and dreaming about the water is always good, whether you make your picnic on the Rhine or somewhere in the forest. In the Harz, for example, you will find virgin forests and streams with crystal clear water, where you can get the long-dreamed recovery.

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5) In the park

Many city children prefer the picnics in the city parks. There are also great barbecue possibilities and you meet friends and acquaintances with whom the fun can only increase.

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7) On the roof

The lack of space in many large cities has created new gardens and time-out spots on the roofs of the car parks in the city center. A terrace with a view over the rooftops of the city is also a cool picnic location.

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8) On the outskirts

Apart from the view is a picnic on the outskirts with a magnificent view of the skyline of a major city quite urban and alternative. One has the peace and the fresh country air and nevertheless one is not too far from its familiar civilization.

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9) What is to be considered?

When picnicking in the open, you can easily encounter different types of insects, including mosquitoes, wasps or even ticks , For this reason, you can simply be careful and get an insect repellent spray in the pharmacy. Otherwise count with many beetles and ants that have smelled your food from afar.

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10) Food and drinks that are good for a picnic

You will receive summer recipes, which are easy to prepare and take with you during a picnic. It is good, however, that one thinks of a healthy digestion and takes fruits depending on the season and lubricated loaves. Many of the well-known Finger Food Recipes Are suitable for a picnic in nature.

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11) Make picnic recipes for yourself

Homemade bread spreads And dips are a recommended and simple delicacy that perfectly matches seasonal vegetable sticks and fresh breads. A fine cheese would be obligatory, if you want to enjoy the free time with the glass of wine. For a relaxing afternoon of course also include coffee and cakes. Fresh fruits And if possible chilled drinks should also come on your picnic list.

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