Disney’s The Lion King: A Terrific Masterpiece On Stage

Lions big and small and makes the hearts of the audience beat faster. A perfect representation of the colorful world of the Serengeti, packed with hot African rhythms and timeless wisdom – just great! A grandiose masterpiece based on the 1994 Disney animated cartoon that has become one of the most beloved and acclaimed stage pieces worldwide, thanks to the creativity and talent of American director Julie Taymor. Since its premiere on Broadway in 1997, the musical has been performed in more than 17 countries including London’s West End and Hamburg, Tokyo, Madrid and Sao Paulo. It is an incomparable audiovisual experience that is difficult to describe. A magical and beautiful world best experienced on your own.

The Lion King – The Musical in Hamburg

Musical the stage of the Lion King

A tribute to eternal life

Already with the grandiose beginning and the first stanzas of the phenomenal circle comes the inevitable goosebumps feeling. And you will be transported to the warm, sunny landscape of Africa, where numerous magnificent animals are presented one after the other. Thrilling and unique, the musical instantly awakens rustic emotions and deep gratitude for the most precious gift for all of us – life.

In the next 2.5 hours, you will be in a magical world that feels as true and close as if it were real and existed in parallel. Masterfully composed pop songs, bright colors, fiery rhythms, imaginative costumes and characters, presented by a first class, international ensemble – really great cinema on stage!

Circle – composed and written by Sir Elton John and Tim Rice

rafiki shamanin the king of the lions musical

Even the journey to this extraordinary theater location on the southern side of the Elbe opposite the Landungsbrücken is an exciting experience. For the huge yellow tent of the venue you drive on free shuttle ships, which are decorated in a thematic lion look. The Trip to Africa starts and the tension increases every minute…

The gripping story of growing up

Almost everyone already knows the fascinating story of the little lion cub and king’s son Simba, who is told here in the musical, unlike in the film, by the shaman Rafiki. The little lion grows up in the loving royal family and is carefree and happy. He is impatient to become as great and strong as his father, King Mufasa, who governs his kingdom with intelligence and love. Together with the young lioness Nala Simba explores the exciting adventures of childhood.

Unfortunately, he has a sneaky nemesis – his uncle Scar. Since the birth of the future lion king, the villain longs to destroy the little one. Only then can he become king himself. And so he starts a pact with the sneering hyenas and, after some attempts, not only kills his own brother Mufasa, but also banishes little Simba from the Lion King by blaming him for his father’s death ,

Simba and Nala have finally found each other again

Nala and Simba in the Lion King Musical

Lonely and devastated, Simba flees into the jungle, where fortunately he meets two new, unusual friends – Meerkat Timon and Warthog Pumbaa , Thanks to her loyal friendship and her positive attitude towards life is ) Simba grows up and turns into a young, strong lion. He unexpectedly meets Nala again and the two fall in love. The young lion is now slowly ready to go back home and chase away the tyrant Scar, who has transformed the kingdom into a desolate place.

An exciting story of awakening and self-discovery – timeless and universal.

Recommended again and again!

the king of the lions musical simba

The new film production is expected

Löwen is expected to hit theaters in 2019. It will be a mix of real rotation and computer engineering. And singer Beyoncé will speak the lioness Nala. Well, we are looking forward to it.

You can find lions here , These start at just 60 euros, with the most expensive packages costing about 160 euros. Every penny definitely pays off 100%, because this musical is simply lion-strong! A true world success!

Let us take you to Africa and immerse yourself in the mysterious world of the Lion King, full of adventure, wisdom and magic. Feel, cry and rejoice with the characters and the performers. Enjoy the 2.5 unforgettable hours of the musical and just let yourself fall.

Goose bumps guaranteed!

Fabulous costumes and strong characters

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