Manuka Honey – A Natural Remedy From New Zealand

The Native Americans of New Zealand have always known the healing powers of the Manuka tree and of course benefited greatly from it. Also known as South Sea myrtle, the delicate flowers of the exotic tree provide a huge playing area for hardworking bees. The honey extracted from the South Sea myrtle tree is considered a panacea in New Zealand and Australia and is therefore more than honored. In addition, the Maoris used to use the leaves and bark of the Manuka tree for various healing purposes.

The Manuka honey is extracted from the flowers of South Sea myrtle

What is the use of manuka honey today? Is he actually better and healthier than the other honey products we know? And for what reason is the supposedly healthy honey still not well enough known in Europe? We would like to answer exactly these questions for you today.

A natural product, which is taken directly from the honeycomb and makes the immune system again active and strong

Is the manuka honey better than the beekeeper honey we know?

In the first place, the Manuka honey noticeably strengthens the immune system. However, in pathological cases, such as old age or HIV disease, an uncontrolled intake is discouraged. Mainly becomes honey and its products used for the healing of wounds, bladder diseases and also for gastrointestinal complaints. In general, the manuka honey is considered to be a strong antibacterial agent, and therefore it is highly effective against Viruses and fungi , And if you wonder why a honey from the other side of the world is better than the well-known and very healthy beekeeper honey? Then we say the following: Maybe the honey does not necessarily taste better, but its ingredients are several times more effective than these in the European beekeeper honey , Therefore, his healing effect is stronger and also strengthening.

The effective Manuka honey is still not well known in Europe, although it is several times more effective than the beekeeper honey

As a beauty product, the New Zealand honey also makes popular in our latitude

A powerful antibacterial agent that works against gastrointestinal problems

What should one know about the manuka honey before buying it?

Of course, you should be well informed before buying any natural product that is not well known. It is important to know that there are risks with healthy and very natural products. After all, the honey comes directly from the honeycomb, which can cause an allergic reaction in some people. It is also important to check the authenticity of the product. Therefore, we recommend that you only buy from verified suppliers, that you can guarantee the warranty and that you are open to withdrawals. Maybe you can at a naturopath inquire in advance and not grab the first and not the cheapest for online orders.

Both the manuka honey and the manuka oil have a gentle and rejuvenating effect on outdoor use

The manuka honey accelerates the healing process and makes the organism more resistant

Because of its healing diversity, one compares the Manuka tree with the much better known tea tree and its properties

It is still researching the manuka honey and although not all probable properties have been scientifically proven, it is being selected in Germany in some clinics as a cure.

Last but not least, manuka honey can also be used for healthy and natural skin care. As beauty product But as an anti-acne remedy, Manuka honey is also becoming increasingly popular in Europe.

Colds and flu should be eliminated quickly by taking Manuka honey regularly

Do not be intimidated by the cold and quickly resort to effective natural remedies

You should already know antiseptic, antibacterial and invigorating herbs and plants well

As a precaution, you can add 1TL Manuka honey to your breakfast smoothie

Being healthy is a combination of many factors

Being in balance also plays an important role

It is said that the body sends signals

That’s why you have to treat the body very lovingly

And treat yourself to something good