One Billion Rising 2018- Important Dates For February 14th

Every third woman in the world is unspoken or officially a victim of sexual abuse and violence. Every third woman is beaten and abused, and for every third woman (equivalent to one billion = one billion), aggression is part of everyday life and is forced to be perceived as normal.

And because the facts are so frightening, but at the same time so accurate, you want to be able to counteract and bring the bare facts to the public. “One Billion Rising”is the action that encourages the affected women around the world and calls them to the streets. Violence is not a matter of course, but something that is not tolerated in a civilized society.

One billion rising 2018- peace against violence

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One Billion Rising – what is it?

That’s why every year in many cities and countries, on the 14th of February, the One Billion Rising event takes place. On this day, all the people, and especially the people concerned, are asked to go to the streets. Here you can express your dissatisfaction and openly show your position.

This happens, but in a peaceful and quiet way, and yet it can be said that it ignites a revolution.

Women around the world rise to show what they think about abuse and violence

one billion rising february africa

Affected women are supported by many fellow thinkers

one billion rising february bristol

Sexual abuse and violence should no longer belong to the mindset of civilized people

one billion rising february india

The more people appear on the strike, the quicker you get results

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Dance, song and visual arts can be a peaceful revolution

Peaceful revolution against violence

Through dance, song and visual art, the masses around the world are moving around the world at the same time each year, making the One Billion Rising movement even more popular and well-known. The goal of the movement is to get one billion women on the streets and break through the outdated and formidable perception.

Would you like to join in and get some more information about it? One Billion Rising is also taking place in many German cities. Where, when and what you can experience and contribute, you will learn on the German side of One Billion Rising ,

They should convince taciturn and reserved women to strike.

Celebrities support every idea against violence by all means

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Every year more and more people gather in more and more cities across the globe

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Take the initiative so that the next generation can live as freely as possible from violence

one billion rising february abuse

“Break the chain”and share the initiative with others

one billion rising february worldwide

When a billion moves to a song…

How can I participate?

To give you an idea of ​​the scale and impact of the One Billion Rising movement, we have attached some videos. In one of the videos you can watch the choreography for the event and even learn it. Only together can one come to a better and moving change, therefore”Break the chain”and be a part of a more beautiful world!

See for yourself how effective crowds can be

One Billion Rising will take place this year on February 14th

one billion rising february asia

Make the women around you more courage and finally see them happy

one billion rising south india

Violence must not be exercised against anyone

one billion rising february call

By peaceful means one can also make clear his position in the protest

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The choreography for the song”Break the Chain”can be learned from the attached video

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Every woman is allowed to be happy

one billion rising february indonesia

In many cities this year, you can have the logo of the initiative printed on a piece of clothing brought along free of charge

one billion rising february logo

Every third woman is the victim of violence and every third woman is invited to protest

one billion rising february manila

The more committed to solidarity, the more likely it is that fewer women will suffer

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