Plancha Grill: This Is How Spain Tastes!

The new barbecue season has long been opened. So much is clear already. You see it, you smell it – everywhere in gardens and parks. Especially when the weather is nice, it is a garden party or a social gathering on the roof terrace just can not without the good old grill. But grilling is not equal to grilling. This is where the type of grilling as well as the food itself play an important role. Some like it quite traditional with meat and potato salad, others prefer it more vegetarian and again others go to Vegan grill recipes about. When it comes to grilling, the possibilities are really countless. Different for barbecues. There you have to inform yourself well in advance and choose the best variant, because grilling must not only taste and fun, but also be healthy. Exactly these three aspects are united in a real all-rounder in the grilling – the Plancha Grill!

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How to grill Spanish?

Grilling in the Spanish style has been a trendsetter for quite some time. It is also no wonder, in view of the many advantages that a Plancha Grill has over conventional charcoal grills. These are already beginning with the preparation principle of the grilled goods. In just about 3 minutes, the grill plate of the Plancha Grill is heated to about 300-350 degrees Celsius.

At such temperatures, meat, fish and vegetables are crispy on the outside and juicy inside. The Plancha Grill is just as simple as a conventional cooking plate. It is also possible to lower the temperature as desired and even prepare the dishes you can enjoy with a Teppanyaki grill.

Another advantage of this type of grilling, as far as our health is concerned, is the fact that grilled food does not come into direct contact with harmful smoke gases. As we’ve all experienced so often, when grilling with charcoal, or generally in most grilling grills, an unpleasant, black smoke forms. This develops, more precisely, in the contact between fats and fire and is unfortunately even carcinogenic and for asthmatics and allergy sufferers extremely disturbing.

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Even more succulent!

The special feature of the Plancha Grill is also the possibility to cook the grilled food in your own cook, in marinades, sauces or even alcohol, similar to a pan at home. The Planchero – the grill container – ensures a sufficient area for the desired liquids. In addition, a grill has a so-called fat gutter where the excess fat is collected during cooking. This is the way to grill a la Plancha is even healthier than usual.

In turn, everything will be picobello…

So easy to clean is hardly another grill. Everything you should do after cooling is to go over it with a wooden or plastic scraper and remove the large food residues. After that, only a little water and a soft cloth are enough. Wet wipe… done! Grilling not only saves precious time and nerves, but also proves to be quite environmentally friendly and makes even more fun.

You will find more interesting and important tips to help you choose the right Plancha grills here !

Outdoor kitchen à la Plancha

And last but not least, our favorite advantage of the Plancha Grill is the extended gathering! Anyone who has ever been a barbecue party on a barbecue party knows perfectly well that this can be a lonely, smoky affair. The grill is usually a bit distant from the others and no one likes to be in the immediate vicinity during the barbecue because you do not want to smoke afterwards. Very different at a Plancha Grill! Here, the grill plate can be placed almost anywhere and can be present during the whole grill party and talk with the others. Just lovely!

So no one is neglected and everyone has more fun together, because together you are known to be less alone…

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