Select The Pan Correctly According To The Most Important Criteria

Cooking fans know from their own experience that cooking pleasure is the actual prerequisite for a successful lunch or dinner, but fitting cooking accessories creates the basis for cooking! Cooking is fun, if the atmosphere also invites! Pots, pans, knives, kitchen helpers… all this belongs to the world of cooks. That’s why today we have not focused on any recipes and recipe ideas, but we focus on kitchen utensils in our article. Today the pan is in the limelight!

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If you like to eat roast, you know: a high-quality pan is a must in the kitchen! Cooking healthy, delicious and energy-saving is the main goal of all chefs. To make a clear difference between all types of pans is then urgently needed. When buying pans, there are a number of details to consider. Material, surface and shape are always important aspects that should not be underestimated. If you’re not into cooking, it’s hard to imagine how complicated it is to find the right pan for you. To find a balance between the stove, roasting behavior, portion number and one’s own preferences, is the most important thing in the selection. To prepare healthy and aromatic food, a suitable pan weight and the easy cleaning of the pan are other decisive criteria. You have on A huge range of pans available, so that all needs are met.

What must be considered when buying a pan?

Of the pan bottom is of great importance.

  • Roasting time and taste depend on a good and even heat distribution. And the pan bottom plays a big role. The heat conduction and storage are other important properties for a frying pan, which are connected to the soil type.
  • Normally, all pans are suitable for all cookers, with one exception. Induction cookers need frying pans with a special bottom shape. That is why many pans are offered with a normal or an induction-suitable floor.

choose a pan according to the right criteria


Depending on the material pans have different weight. The lighter the frying pan, the more susceptible it is to deformation. It can weigh a pan between 200 grams and 5 kilos. While these are considered to be light in stainless steel and copper, pans made of cast iron are characterized by a greater weight. Take this into consideration when choosing the pan!

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For the pan handles, it is important that they do not conduct heat. Robustness is also an important criterion. In the oven and in the dishwasher, handles should have a certain strength. Therefore, handles made of stainless steel are particularly suitable. Handles made of plastic turn gray over time in the dishwasher, while cast iron handles become hot during extended use.


The lid plays a key role in cooking in the pan. The cooking time, energy consumption and nutritional value of the food depend largely on whether or not there is a lid.

The material is also important for the lid. In this case, glass covers prove most suitable, because the cooking process can be observed.

Which pan types are there

When it comes to buying pans, you have to consider their properties. Each species has certain advantages. Mainly one distinguishes between non-stick coated pans and non-coated frying pans. For example, non-coated pans are preferred by some customers, from other ceramic pans, stainless steel, copper, multi-layer, wrought iron or enamel pans.

But what are the advantages of the two large groups of pans?

Non-stick pans

  • make it easier to roast
  • suitable for simple, low-fat and gentle frying
  • nothing is burning here
  • If necessary, you can even do without fat
  • easy cleaning
  • often used as universal pans in the home
  • One distinguishes between non-stick coated cast aluminum pans and stainless steel non-stick pans

The life of the pan depends on the type of coating and the heat compatibility. Uncoated pans

  • great variety: enamel pans, cast iron frying pans, iron pans, copper 3 layer pans, real copper pans
  • are suitable for the preparation of aromatic food
  • quite suitable for healthy cooking
  • durable
  • But food can burn

Pan fish roast tips for the pan

Pans are important kitchen accessories that make roasting or stewing possible. It actually proves to be important to consider the type of pans we use in the home. Because of that depends on the success of tasty food. Hopefully you will find it!

We wish you pleasant hours in the kitchen and good appetite!