Tips Against Boredom: So You Enjoy Every Minute Of Your Free Time

It is often said that time flies by. And yet, from time to time, we happen to be sitting on the couch, completely unrestrained and bored, not really knowing what we can do. Is it familiar? Sometimes, of course, it may be because you’re just too tired and exhausted and you just need a nap to rebuild your energy reserves. But if this is not the case, we have some pretty effective tips against boredom ready for you. Maybe not all of them come into question for you. But you can just experiment with it calmly and see which tips best sell your boredom.

Tips against boredom from the Freshideen editors

listening to music headphones tips against boredom

Listen, read, discuss….

And that, on the internet as well as in the immediate reality. In addition to exciting discussion forums and funny Face Swap Apps are still a number of options. Maybe you can start your own blog or get inspiration on Instagram. The world today is so networked that there is always something new and exciting to find online.

You can rarely be bored with an aromatic cheese and a laptop

Online shopping tips against boredom drinking coffee

And how about a good, real book that you can really feel with your fingers. It may sound old-fashioned for some, but printed books are still making a comeback and continue to enjoy great popularity and popularity. Because if all else fails and batteries are empty or there is no reception, there is simply no internet anymore… The good, old book stays true to our side and always keeps us company.

Reading books is back in

read book tips against boredom

And how about writing and thinking? Digitally or very old-fashioned on paper you can, for example, write your thoughts or create a to-do list. So you can read and reflect on these later, or list your important tasks by priority. In addition to favorite music and audio books are of course cross puzzles a great time displacement and exciting activities, such as play with Playstation 3 or the X-Box 360, there is already for some time already in abundance.

Just organize your daily tasks in peace!

write tips against boredom to do list

Muck and clean up

Instead of bored sitting there, it may be time to do a thorough cleaning of your own four walls or just sweep out the wardrobe. Because one feels afterwards easier and somehow happier. Old and useless things just have to go. So you better keep track and jamming around things that only collect dust or occupy valuable storage space unnecessarily. By the way, do you already have the” Konmari method “belongs?

Just wiping furniture can help us feel better

clean up with system tips against boredom

You definitely need some more Tips for tidying up …

tips against boredom wardrobe garbage

Realize DIY projects

Some of the best tips against boredom are usually those that inspire our creativity and inspiration. For fresh ideas you will find numerous craft ideas with instructions and pictures that are easy to copy. No matter if you prefer crafting with wood, paper or plastic or prefer upcycling, each of you will surely find something suitable for yourself. You can also make a lot of gifts for almost any occasion. We have a whole range of gift ideas for Christmas, Birthday, Easter and Wedding as well romantic surprises for fresh and forever lovers ,

Original craft projects to imitate ban any boredom

diy projects craft ideas tips against boredom

To volunteer

For those of you who are not really the hobbyist type, maybe one is more outward directed, social activity the right thing. How about volunteering, for example? Fortunately, these are abundant in Germany. Caritas, The Red Cross, Oxfam, Greenpeace, World Shop – all great ways to pursue a meaningful occupation that will not only drive away boredom, but will bring you more inner satisfaction and interesting contacts.

As a volunteer in the World Shop, you can learn a lot and have a good time

worldshops volunteer work tips against boredom

Drop and… Meditate!

And you know what? You should probably look at the boredom problem differently. Do not put yourself under stress and just let yourself fall. First take on the boring moment and try to relax, feel the slowing down and enjoy. This works best with well-proven relaxation techniques such as mindfulness or autogenic training or with meditation and yoga – depending on your own constitution and personal preferences.

You can practice meditation virtually always and everywhere

meditation relaxation technique tips against boredom

Of course, jogging fans can also benefit from it in case of boredom

jogging sport tips against boredom

So, do not give the inner bastard a chance and find out which activities you enjoy most. Above all, use it whenever there is any boredom trying to sneak up on you.

Life is just too short to be bored. We hope you enjoy trying our tips against boredom!

Look for amusing or useful offers on the net

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How about a cool beauty app for example?

app beauty tips against boredom

Or with a new Face Swap app?

face swap app tip against boredom as a couple

Or maybe you already have great ideas for your own blog?

Write tips against boredom blog