World Cup 2018 Russia – The Hot Trends Of Summer

Posted on Jun 08, 2018

The time has come. The football World Cup starts in a few days and the excitement is becoming more and more noticeable. Since for the first time ever the World Cup matches are played between two continents, today we want to check if everything stays the same or if the upcoming 2018 World Cup brings something new.

As already mentioned, we are dealing for the first time with a World Cup, which will be held simultaneously on two continents (Europe and Asia). In addition, seats outside Yekaterinburg Stadium will also be built for the first time. In this way, you meet the FIFA requirements that seats are at least 35,000.

World Cup 2018 Russia – a World Cup like any other or something different?

World Cup 2018 Russia Trends Football

World Cup 2018 Russia – what cool trends can we expect?

Promising is the participation of the Egyptian national team

wm 2018 russia trends egypt

1.WM 2018 Russia App with game board and in the best case with gate alarm

Nothing can be better than having the right app on the phone. Only that can give you the real feeling as if you were live.

The first World Cup, which takes place simultaneously on two continents

World Cup 2018 Russia Trends countdown

With a suitable app, you can watch the matches live and be alerted to each goal

wm 2018 russia trends wm apps

So expensive tickets have not experienced at any football World Cup

wm 2018 russia trends

Betting and football betting games are looking forward to even greater success

wm 2018 russia trends wm apps android

2. World Cup smoothies, vegan and organic snacks

Exactly, special smoothies, vegan and organic snacks – so see the top three of the food and beverage list, followed by beer and snacks!

The bio-wave is becoming increasingly popular, which is actually very pleasing. Because why not have fun in the summer and eat consciously and healthy? Football fans from Europe already live it.

The sustainable trend promises organic snacks and healthy World Cup smoothies

World Cup 2018 Russia Trends Football Adidas World Cup 2018 Ideas Organic Snack

In the best case, prepare them for your World Cup guests

wm 2018 russia trends homemade

Watching football together and having a healthy snack – that’s the way to predict the summer of 2018

wm 2018 russia trends healthy

For beer you offer your own creation of baked potatoes

wm 2018 russia trends potato sticks

3. Fan articles and accessories

The things that should not be missing are the accessories with the flag of the country. This makes the excitement of the games much better and the sense of community is simply incredible.

Fan merchandise and suitable accessories print out more of his enthusiasm

WM 2018 Russia Trends Football Adidas WM 2018 Ideas Gifts Mexico

The World Cup make-up remains a hit and can be implemented quickly

World Cup 2018 Russia Trends Football Adidas World Cup 2018 ideas

Over one million visitors are expected at this year’s World Cup in Russia. Are you there too?

World Cup 2018 Russia Trends Football Adidas World Cup 2018 Rusche Muetzen

4th World Makeup

From the small flag on the cheek to a full body painting you can do everything only with the World Cup make-up.

You should already have a national flag – show enthusiasm without attracting much attention

wm 2018 russia trends flag

Feminine fan articles and charming companions will show the TV cameras more frequently

wm 2018 russia trends fan article

You can opt for tasteful and chic merchandise items and get a great keepsake

wm 2018 russia trends cap
WM 2018 Russia Trends Cover
wm 2018 russia trends betting and games

What will be different at this year’s 2018 World Cup Russia?

You can look at the World Cup 2018 superficially and think: a World Cup, just like any other. But would you know that this year’s World Cup is the penultimate in football history in which 32 nations participate? From the year 2026, it is expected to be attended by 48 teams.

Welcome the fresh wind of the East

wm 2018 russia trends opening picture

An absolute sensation at this year’s World Cup is that Italy will not play for the first time since 1958. One of the news of the big sporting event is the first activation of a video referee.

and enjoy together the biggest sporting event in the summer of 2018

World Cup 2018 Russia Trends Football Adidas World Cup 2018 ideas gifts
World Cup 2018 Russia Trends Football adidas World Cup 2018

The prices of the tickets for the 2018 World Cup matches averaged between € 80 and € 900 and show a clear rise compared to the last World Cup. Russian citizens receive a discounted price and can buy tickets from just € 19.

More than one million visitors are expected, with whom you too can shape a gigantic emotion and a huge spectacle.

Become a part of the World Cup in Russia and ensure unforgettable moments!

You can already get team jerseys in the fan shops

WM 2018 Russia Trends Home Trickot Fanshop
World Cup 2018 Russia Trends Hublot sponsor of World Cup
wm 2018 russia trends luis vuitton fifa collection
wm 2018 russia trends mascot
wm 2018 russia trends scarves
wm 2018 russia trends trailer

wm 2018 russia trends sticker album
World Cup 2018 Russia Trends Phone Games

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