33 Times About Love – Love Quotes That Move!

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All I need is love! The Beatles’ world-famous song goes around the globe every day and sings the most beautiful human feeling – love! Love is in the air and nobody can remain indifferent these days. Different thoughts circle around the human head, old, almost forgotten emotions come to the foreground, gentle feelings of love find their perfect expression. So it is just before the year Valentine’s Day , On the feast of love true love is celebrated and shared. If you also have butterflies in your stomach then you are in the right place today. We have prepared a weird collection for you. These are 33 love quotes that have left us famous personalities of humanity. From antiquity to the present day, love moves our inner world and determines our actions and reactions.

Love quotes shared love doubles

Well-known philosophers, writers and poets, painters and actors paid homage to love and captured their feelings and emotions on paper. In the following, 33 times read about love! These quotes can evoke different feelings in you and touch the romantic side of your nature. You may feel challenged to not hide your own feelings, or at least to reconsider them.

Only in a few days will you have the perfect opportunity to prove true love to your partner. Show him / her on Valentine’s Day in words, gestures and deeds, what you feel exactly and celebrate together the most beautiful day of love, the 14.02!

Love quotes ready to give love

Of course, each of us can express his feelings of love individually. But what emerges from the following love quotes is reliability first. This feeling is dominant in the relationship between two people who experience unforgettable moments of tenderness together. Love still means respect and care for the loved one. It is undoubtedly praised as the most beautiful feeling that makes our hearts beat faster.

Seeing love together in the same direction
Confucius quote about love spice of life

Enjoy our unique collection of quotes about love and prepare for the feast! Our editorial wishes you a soulful and unforgettable Valentine’s Day!

Love give much love quote Bertolt Brecht
Love love lovers can hurt
real love on trial quote Confucius
Love no solo duet quote
A drop of love very valuable love quote
Love only slavery felt as pleasure love quote
Love joy go hand in hand
Love quote Vergil Love defeats everything
Quote Hermann Hesse Love is luck
Love Quote Goethe Love makes you happy
Love strange encounters in life to recognize true love
Love words become redundant quote
Love appropriate opportunity Love quote
do everything with great love Mother Teresa quote
Love quote Friedrich Nietzsche
Quote Stefan Zweig Love how a chess game can not play alone
Love and pleasure belong together Love quote
Quote Buddha love everything possible
Dostoevsky love quote love spiritual harmony
Balzac love poetry of the senses
Love sufferings bear a quote about love Hermann Hesse
Shakespeare quote Love comforts
Eyes hands speak a lot in love
Man can not be without love Goethe quote
our life full of love and joy Love quote
Reliability in love Love quote Gandhi
Bush quote about love
Quote Love does not blind
Love Debt Look for Richard Burton Quote

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