40 Beautiful Christmas Nails To Fall In Love With

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If the end of the year, you join in Christmassy. We express our festive mood by decorating not only the home and garden, but also styling nails festively. If you like forming your fingernails for different celebrations, you might also be inspired by our picture gallery, because Christmas is coming soon!

The Christmas tree is a popular motif also with the Christmas nails

christmas nails glittering nail design colored fir tree

The Christmas nails express the festive atmosphere around us

Even if you do not fully grasp the euphoria of Christmas, you can show a festive mood with a simple manicure. It is only enough to spice up the monochrome nail polish with a subtle motif. Wait until the nail polish dries and enter a motif as you wish.

Be it a snowman or a snowflake, you are captivating your gaze. But if you want to make a splash, then put on detailed motifs and patterns.

The belt of Santa Claus indicates the upcoming party

christmas nails red nail polish santa claus costume

Render winter landscapes on the fingernails

christmas nails green fir tree snow

This nail design is reminiscent of the Christmas tree

christmas nails green christmas snow

Select matching patterns and motifs

The Christmassy manicure gives your imagination a lot of room to experiment. There are a variety of motives and colors allowed, a festive mood must only radiate your nail design! You can print the Santa Claus and his accessories on the fingernails. But it is perfectly permissible to use winter motifs such as those of Christmas sweaters. The so-called Ugly Sweater Nails were inspired by it. Patterns in white and red are particularly popular here, but other colors are also quite suitable for the Christmas manicure.

Each finger can be styled differently

christmas nails red black white different motives

Stylish and yet festive!

Christmas nails red nail polish Wintermuste fresh

Be creative with the Christmas manicure!

christmas nails white nail polish christmas tree pendant

Surely you have convinced yourself of the beautiful examples, that Christmas nails wonderfully reflect the festive Christmas atmosphere! If you also want to appear with a spectacular manicure for Christmas, let yourself be inspired by our picture gallery! Let your imagination run wild and spend an exciting holiday season! Every look at the fascinating Christmas patterns will cheer up your mood!

Christmas nails in beige and black

Christmas nails black white nail design beautiful motives

Picture the Santa Claus and all his accessories

christmas nails trendy traditional colors red white

The Christmas nail design can also radiate a dose of drama

Christmas nails black nail polish white snowflake
christmas nails trendy nail design snowflake blue shades
Christmas nails light blue silver snowflake
Christmas nails beige white sweater pattern
christmas nails winter motifs sweater red white

Very festive and colorful must be the manicure for Christmas

christmas nails christmas tree colored festive manicure
christmas nails colored fresh green red
christmas nails colored christmas tree glittering
christmas nails colored winter fairy tale silver tone nail polish
christmas nails festively fresh sparkling

On red nail polish winter motifs in white look pretty

Christmas nails fresh sweater pattern
christmas nails decorated green fir tree
Christmas nails funny fresh colored
christmas nails several motives colored nail design
christmas nails nail design red deer

Christmas nails in typical colors

christmas nails sweater pattern santa claus
christmas nails red glittering snowflake
christmas nails red white fresh festive
christmas nails red nail polish golden accents snowflake
christmas nails red nail polish white elements

Indulge discreetly at Christmas

christmas nails simple nail polish accent
Christmas nails discreetly stylish silver light blue
christmas nails elegant glittering nails
Christmas nails combine different patterns
christmas nails typical christmas symbols white black

Christmas nail design with glitter effect

christmas nails typical festive colors
christmas nails christmas decoration christmas symbols
christmas nail design black white
christmas nails christmas present ornaments
christmas nails santa claus motive red nail polish
christmas nails unusual landscapes winter

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