5 Good Reasons Why You Should Make Your Bath Salt Yourself

Bath salts are an extra, which you should not do without. These care products are suitable for every household. You can pamper yourself in the bathtub, use it as a scrub in the shower or for hand care. If you make bath salt yourself, that brings with it many advantages. We list five very important ones here and tell you a simple principle according to which bath salts are made.

In addition to herbs, you can also use flowers for DIY bath salts

Bath salts themselves make aromatherapy

Cheap make qualitative bath salt itself

Bath salts usually contain soothing herbs or essential oils. Sometimes you can also use flowers or leaves. Bath salts provide for the regeneration and healing of mind and body. However, they have a pretty high price in the market. Only these finished bath salts, which receive their aroma from chemical mixtures instead of natural ingredients, are cheap.

However, these products are more harmful than useful for us. Homemade bath salts can contain valuable essential oils or herbs and not cost us too much as an investment.

Bath salts are a suitable gift for your loved ones

Badesalz great valentine's day gift

You will learn more about the natural remedies

Medicine has undergone rapid development in recent decades. But the natural remedies are experiencing their comeback in recent years. The reason: many have discovered that it is often possible to heal better and more sustainable. Their regular use is also one of the best prophylaxis against really bad pathological conditions.
The problem with natural remedies is that it takes a lot of time and effort to be really knowledgeable. Often, counselors for these remedies are also not very cheap.
If you make bath salt yourself, you can try one after another different herbs and essential oils. In this way, you gradually acquire valuable knowledge that you can use again and again in life.

A relaxing bath with bath salts is especially healthy in winter

Badesalz enjoyment and health

Individual mixtures are possible

Each body reacts differently to herbs and essential oils. Two people with the same symptoms can be better or worse affected by different drugs. By making bath salts yourself, you can feel the effects of these precious natural remedies on your body in practice. Over time, you can then discover your own blends of essential oils, herbs and other products that will do you the most good.

Bath salts can be made with natural soap and herbs

bath salt herbal natural soap

They discover a great hobby

In winter you need creative hobbies that bring a lot of fun and enjoyment. That keeps us in a good mood when it gets dark and cold outside. The experiments with bath salts with different ingredients could be just the thing for many. Incidentally, glasses with homemade bath salts are also great Christmas gift ideas, do not you think?

Essential oils are very popular for bath salt self-making

Badesalz make yourself spa

They spread great aromas in your home and serve as decoration

Homemade bath salts are also an aromatherapy. This is not limited at all not only to the time in the bathtub. If you make bath salts yourself and use herbs, they must remain open for a few days. Usually one week is enough. Of course, her aroma spreads during this time. So you can use it to spread a magical atmosphere in a room of your choice. With food coloring, you can give the bath salt different colors or intensify them. The glass could even have a decorative effect.

For the winter there is another advantage, namely the moisture that separates it. Especially in the bedroom and living room, which are constantly warmed up, you can overcome the problem with the drought in part.

Thanks to food colors, you can dye the bath salt

bath salt orange essential oils

What do you need for the self-production of bath salts?

If you want to make bath salts yourself, you must first select the active ingredients. Then you have to decide if you prefer herbs, essential oils, leaves, etc. You would have to determine that in accordance with the desired effect.
For the base you decide best between bitter and sea salt. The first one is a strong detoxifying agent and the second promotes the regeneration of nerves and muscles. You can also mix both types of salt. Depending on the type of essential oil, you take different numbers of drops and mix them with two to four tablespoons of olive oil.
In the formula with herbs you need next to 100 grams of these and the salt two to four tablespoons of milk powder. Sometimes you use natural soap, especially in combination with leaves and flowers.

Natural soap and herbal leaves are a popular combination

Badesalz various natural active ingredients

That’s how it goes!

For the preparation of the bath salt it is best to take a glass. In it you give all the ingredients. The mixture is shaken vigorously in the glass. In the herbal bath salts, it opens and with the essential oils, it closes it. In both cases, leave the bath salt for a few days to finish it.
It’s best to pick different recipes on the internet and experiment with the effects of different blends. At some point you would probably be able to distinguish the best ones for yourself and even make your own. We wish you a healthy winter!

With pine needles you give the bath salt a wintry aroma

bath salt itself make oil plant

Dry plants of the season are a great addition to the bath salt

Bath salts themselves make dry flowers

Bath salts are a luxury care product

bath salts pampering

Suitable for the preparation of bath salts are different types of active ingredients

Making bitter salt himalaya bath salt yourself

The bath salt can get a variety of colors

Make blue bath salt yourself

Great flowers are ideal for homemade bath salts

flowers bath salt herbs

Lavender is very popular for the preparation of bath salts

diy bath salt lavender

With DIY bath salts, you can spread wintry aromas at home

diy bath salt fir

More great basic ingredients for bath salts

diy bath salt thyme

During the preparation phase, the bath salts can serve as decoration

purple diy bath salt health

All this you need to prepare the bath salts with essential oils

salt bath salts make essential oils themselves

Bath salt from rose petals is ideal for romantic occasions

pink bath salt with essential oils