Be Very Important On Water Quality

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Avoid calcareous water at home in any case!

Good water can be considered as part of a high quality of life. It must taste good and be suitable for body care and carrying out different daily activities. The fact that access to clean water is a luxury in some countries of the world is a self-evident fact: water must be regarded as a true treasure of nature. This is why water quality is now a priority both at home and in industry: water treatment is called for in households, swimming pools and many industries; Through different techniques one tries to get clean water.

water quality is of great importance to us

In detail, drinking water with good quality is the basis for a high standard of living. Unfortunately, there is also calcareous water , The fact that old pipes pollute the drinking water at home is a public secret. If problems arise with the drinking water at home or with the industrial water in the industry, in most cases the water itself is not problematic. The problem often lies in the fact that certain substances are deposited in pipes and machinery which must be disposed of. Dirt, lime and rust are undesirable in the water! Therefore, it is worth the effort to filter, desalicate and de-cool water: always techniques that improve water quality.

What is actually contained in the water?

On clean water you can not do without! Not only nutrition and hygiene depend on it, but also different industries in the industry. This makes water treatment desirable in many cases. With old pipe systems, however, it is especially necessary! Not only good water quality is ensured by the water treatment, but also a long life of pipes and appliances guaranteed: High quality water spares these for a longer time.

water quality at home methods for water treatment

Often, water contains particles which would rather not be there! Lime, rust and dirt cloud the water and deteriorate its quality.

calcium deposits

Lime is soluble in certain amounts in the water. However, if this becomes a solid in the water pipes, there is a problem. It can make water heating more expensive and damage the pipe system for the water supply.

Corrosion and rust

Rust discolored water brownish-red. It is advisable to remove rust because it not only degrades the taste of the water but can also deposit and even form holes in old metal pipes.

Microbiological stresses such as algae and microorganisms

The limits of microbiological pollution permitted by the EU guarantee clean water from all public utilities in Europe. And as it is self-evident, clean water does not contain viruses and bacteria. Dirt should be removed from the water.

water quality is equal to quality of life

The Merus Ring and its advantages

Thus, in addition to desired substances, foreign substances are transported through the water. These are removed in different ways. A definite reliable method we want to take today is to bring the water in good quality: The Merus Ring offers a good problem solution for better water at home.

The Merus Ring increases the solubility of the substances in the water. Chemistry and additional sources of energy are not used, but the natural vibrancy of each substance. In order to make the effect of the Merus Ring visible, the company shows various before-and-after comparisons.

water treatment use the merus ring
water treatment clean water for drinking and for everyday activities

The function of the Merus ring

It is about an optimal water treatment, because no chemistry is used. The effect of Merus Ring is based on physical processes. Often the amount of substances contained in the water is exceeded. This is partly due to the fact that the individual atoms of water and substances move. If this movement is changed, the solubility of the substances is also increased. Everything is based on interference: two different oscillations result in a new one. A different oscillation is opposed to the vibration of the individual atoms of the substances. Therefore, the ring is placed around the pipe.

water quality at home of merus ring

Depending on the circumference, or the diameter of the water line, the Merus Ring can be chosen in various sizes. Installation is easy.

An efficient water supply is now called for! Because water quality is equal to life quality! Therefore, consider carefully which type of water treatment is best for you. Enjoying water in good quality at home is a must!

water treatment ensures clean water

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