Beautiful Destinations In Northern Europe That You Can Visit In Autumn

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Panta rhei – everything flows, everything changes! This well-known ancient Greek aphorism is still valid today and belongs to the classics of human wisdom. This is also the favorite guide of the philosophers of all times – from Heraclitus to Pluton to the present thinkers. Reiselustige appreciate these words very well. On each journey, they discover something new that enriches their knowledge and worldview. The most popular tourist destinations have also changed in recent years. Photos before the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Buckingham Palace in London are already passe. There are other interesting destinations in Europe that you can visit in autumn. Before it gets really cool and foggy, you can discover the European north and spend great days in its majestic nature. We will show you beautiful, very interesting destinations in Northern Europe, where you will have holidays and discoveries in one.

Northern Europe offers beautiful places for the holidays in autumn

Beautiful travel destinations oslo

The European Capital of Culture 2017 Aarhus, Denmark

Without doubt, Copenhagen was the popular destination for Nordic lovers and design fans from all over the world. That is understandable, because the Scandi fever has hit last year again high waves. But what travelers often overlook is Aarhus, the second-largest city in Denmark, less known, but no less impressive and worth seeing than Copenhagen.

Aarhus was declared a European Capital of Culture in 2017 and still bears this title. If you are interested in the historical wealth of Denmark or want to get to know your cultural heritage, you are in the right place. The town is located in the estuary of the river Aarhus A and has a long history. The beautiful village was first discovered by the Vikings around 770 and has been constantly inhabited since then.

The river brings dynamism to the city

Beautiful travel destinations aarhus denmark

Nowadays, the city has a lot to offer tourists. There is an energetic atmosphere, which you can feel at every step. Aarhus is a great student center. The variety of youthful activities will certainly impress you. The average age of the local population is only 38 years. Do you think you can keep pace with the youth? The historical and the present are impressively interwoven. Aartus Museums And valuable buildings and churches are just waiting to be rediscovered by the travelers. Do not leave the ARoS Art Museum and the Botanical Garden from your city tour. A long walk with a nice September weather is also recommended. In the charming, cobblestone city center you will find one of the best shopping areas in Scandinavia.

ARoS Kunstmuseum impresses with its architecture

Sightseeing ARoS

Oslo, Norway – between nature and culture

Whether you are flying or flying to Oslo, you are sure to be impressed by the spectacular location of the Norwegian capital. The city is surrounded by lakes, in the hinterland you can see picturesque forest landscape and many fjords. In this picturesque area lies Oslo and attracts numerous guests and tourists with its northern charm. It is documented and it is known the exact year of the founding of the city – 1048. Archaeological excavations point to an earlier settlement here. In the old town of Gamlebyen, medieval remains can be visited. Here, centuries ago, there were two castles, the royal court and the bishopric. A thick city wall encompassed this district. Neunkirchen, the Halvards cathedral, a hospital and over 400 town houses were located in the center of medieval Oslo.

The picturesque landscape in Norway still impresses visitors during their flight to Oslo

Beautiful travel destinations norway fortress Akershus

Oslo has an exciting and eventful history and has preserved and further developed the fame and glamor of past epochs. The visitors of Oslo sometimes feel torn between the various sights. If you are interested in cultural history and art, you will have a great time here. In no case can you do without a visit to the fortress Akershus. In the Vigeland Sculpture Park, you can admire over 200 bronze, granite and wrought iron works of Gustav Vigeland. In the Viking ship museum, the best preserved viking ships in the world are exhibited. There is also the National History Museum and the National Gallery, which offer a deep insight into Oslo’s history and culture. In your spare time, you can drive outside the Norwegian capital and be enchanted by the beauty of the surrounding nature and the picturesque forms of the fjords.

In the shipyard you can enjoy breathtaking items

Beautiful travel destinations oslo wilderness museum

Edinburgh, Scotland – the northern pearl, where no one is disappointed

Now we go to our third selected destination in Northern Europe – Edinburgh. The Scottish capital is the second largest city in the country after Glasgow and is located on Scotland’s east coast and is easily accessible from all German airports. The best time to visit Edinburgh and visit its sights is summer. In May, the weather is sunny and mostly rain-free, the city is not as overrun by tourists as in the warm summer months. In September the festival starts here. But at any time of the year or any occasion, you can enjoy the famous Scottish whiskey in every pub in the city.
Edinburgh today has two separate districts. The old town impresses the tourists with their medieval buildings, narrow streets and closed passages. The New Town is located opposite the old town. Here geometric shapes dominate in architecture. The streets are straight, the buildings have sumptuous columns, so the capital of Scotland is still called”Athens of the North”. All fans of the great photos here find wonderful places, where they can make their best photoshooting and immortal moments and panoramas. Especially on the Calton Hill.

Edinburgh has a lot to see

Travel destinations edinburg calton hill

Every year in August, Edinburgh hosts the world’s largest cultural festival, called The Fringe. Theater lovers and show aficionados get their money’s worth here, as the city offers various shows on various stages – from classical to experimental. Enthusiastic foreign visitors, critics and many locals admire the art of the performers. Especially in August the pubs and pubs in Edinburgh are crowded, in first class clubs and cozy street cafés it is difficult to get free seats. But this is the only way to inquire about the city and get to know its life rhythm.

Have you already decided where to go or fly for a long weekend in the autumn?

Sightseeing edinburgh
Sightseeing edinburgh scotland
Travel destinations historical museum oslo
Beautiful travel destinations aarhus from above
Beautiful travel destinations in aarhus the botanical garden
Beautiful travel destinations in Denmark Aarhus
Beautiful travel destinations aarhus visit

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