Bruschetta With Tomato The Healthy Snack Idea

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bruschetta with tomato ingredients Mozzarela

Bruschetta with tomato – homemade and easy

Bruschetta comes from Italy and stands for grilled bread with toppings. The variants that you most feeds, are with beans, vegetables, tomatoes or cheese. Bruschetta is a popular appetizer, which is due also to the wine. You can even prepare bruschetta. This is very easy, very healthy and thus offer an original and very delicious Italian appetizer yourself or your guests.

The Bruschetta with tomatoes comes from Italy and is a well-known and tasty bite

bruschetta with tomatoes of long bread

Bread, oil and fresh herbs are the basic ingredients of a bruschetta

bruschetta with tomato ingredients

The antipasti Broschetta Pomodoro is very popular. This type of bruschetta consists of grilled bread, olive oil and tomatoes and can be prepared in various ways, depending on how you want to combine at best the tomatoes. The use of garlic, onions, Basil and oregano is often in many recipes from Italy.  Bruschetta is one of the starters, Ordeuvre, starter or appetizer, so one may might not be before first going with the hot spices exaggerate. 

Tasty, crunchy and healthy – bruschetta is ideal against the small appetite!

bruschetta with tomato bread

Bruschetta with tomatoes is suitable also for vegetarians

bruschetta with tomatoes spoon

Here we add classic recipes for bruschetta Pomodoro or bruschetta with tomatoes. Imaginative variations are allowed and encouraged.

All you need are ripe and aromatic beef tomatoes, young garlic, chives, salt, pepper and a hand full of fresh herbs.

Food is fed up with Tomatenbruschetta!

bruschetta with tomato basil

Classic bruschetta with tomato Varante 1

1kg ripe tomatoes meat

1-2 bars Baquette

Olive oil, salt, pepper

1-2 garlic cloves (smashed druckt), Basil

Dice tomatoes, garlic slice print, crisp baking bread and the pleasure is guaranteed

bruschetta with tomato thyme


Peel tomatoes and cut into bite-sized pieces.

Olive oil with slice garlic cloves printed the and mix with the salt and gently stir the tomato pieces.

Cut baguette bar into slices and spread on a baking sheet. Over medium heat (150°), you leave the slices of bread as long in the oven until they are crispy.

With the tomato mix show and if necessary with olive oil, then season salt or pepper.

Bon appetite!

Italian cuisine is not always complex and hearty. It’s also easy!

bruschetta with tomato thyme

You can make bruschetta quite well with salads together

bruschetta with tomato Tymianoel

The Bruschetta with tomatoes is very famous, delicious, easy to prepare and everything you should very long search for calories, to find that when the bruschetta.

So, get to work and prepare your first bruschetta with tomatoes yourself!

The best you can make a homemade loaf of bread to

bruschetta with tomato ingredients Mozzarela Rukolla

The aromatic, the Italian!

bruschetta with tomato ingredients Olio

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