Chia Seeds: Get Acquainted You With The Benefits And Side Effects

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Chia seeds Omega 3 benefits health lifestyle

Chia seeds: Interesting facts and useful tips

The Chia seeds are known to humanity for many centuries. Thus, the Aztecs used their health. They were not only a medical, but also means with which you could pay many other goods.

Chia is long since known people

Chia seeds benefits disadvantages health lifestyle

Biscuits with Chia seeds

Chia seeds kitchens strawberries recipes health

Also the contemporary researchers familiar with the health benefits of Chia seeds now. This knowledge is also diligently spread. It is talked about but relatively little and written about the Chia seeds to bring also negative impact on health. We want so now devote special attention the good as well as the downside.

The benefits

In the first place the consumption of Chia seeds due to the high content of fiber is recommended. They continue to suppress the feeling of hunger. You help people with weight loss.

Why do Chia seeds have a positive effect?

Chia seeds positive negative side of learning about health

Healthy fatty acids

The Chia seeds also contain healthy Omega 3 and ALA acids. Thus, they counteract the inflammation in the body. They can be analgesic in arthritis and many other diseases. Chia seeds support us with weight loss, especially in the so problematic tummy area. The Chia seeds are also rich in calcium, magnesium and boron. This, they promote the building of strong bones without that we eat a lot here.

Gluten-free proteins

The Chia seeds provide us with healthy, gluten-free protein. They can put them into if you want to keep your blood glucose in healthy moderation and feel full of energy.

What actually contain the Chia seeds?

Chia seeds effect health lifestyle

Better hydration

The Chia seeds improve the hydration of our bodies. You will receive the balance of the electrolyte.

Possible disadvantages of Chia seeds

Is there anyway one thing this world that shows no downside? Hardly! Unfortunately, some of the health risks into the good old Chia seeds. This related especially to the herb Salvia hispanica. Not all humans tolerate it well. Here are some cases where the Chia seeds could bring a larger damage us.

The negative effects of Chia seeds

Chia seeds buy Salvia Hispanica Chia plant effect


People whose Organismus reacts sensitively to mustard seeds are usually also Salvia hispanica allergic.

Blood thinning

The blood thinning threatened another group of people. You should not eat so the Chia seeds in time, when operations are imminent. If you have eaten those yet, tell your doctor specifically about it.

Stomach disorders

Unfortunately, in some people, the Chia seeds can cause flatulence. Such persons must also avoid them in larger quantities.

In certain cases, the use of Chia seeds is not recommended

Chia seeds facts known health lifestyle

Low blood pressure

Some studies show that the Chia seed can extremely reduce the blood pressure. People with normal to low blood pressure would have to be very careful in their consumption.

A few recommendations

On the whole, the Chia seeds are very healthy. They offer many health benefits. However, you should take some security measures. Make sure that you are not allergic, and that Chia seeds not with too many chemicals have been processed. You should also know that the first use of Chia can cause dizziness seeds. That does not necessarily mean that you are allergic to. Sometimes we just need a period of adjustment to the new product.

The Chia plant has both positive and negative effects

Chia seeds buy Chia plant Salvia Hispanica

There are many dessert recipes with Chia seeds

Chia seed pudding strawberries recipes health

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