Children’s Clothing That Grows At The Same Time As The Children

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The clothing of small children is generally not worn long, because the growth phase of the small ones is very fast and intensive in the first 2 years. Better said, seven sizes are changed within 2 years, and this means for many parents an unnecessary waste of clothes, which also causes a great cost. For this kind of problems our editorial office has found an optimal solution, which is very beneficial for many parents.

The article is about a clothing line that grows with the children at the same time. Yes, you have read it correctly, because the clothes can adjust their size. The products are designed for children from 6 months to 3 years, which is about 6 different sizes. The designer has selected special materials that are extremely light, waterproof and breathable, which is especially important for children’s clothing.

Special materials are selected for the project

Detail of top dresses

The clothing line also has an environmentally friendly advantage because experts believe the production of these clothes could solve the problem with the useless clothes in the future.

The dresses are simple and practical

5 months clothing for children

36 months maximum clothing for children

The idea for the clothing is from Ryan Mario Yasin, who was a graduate at Royal College of Art in London. The story behind his inspiration is very interesting because he bought clothes for his nephew long ago. After a few months, the child could no longer wear the clothes, which was too small for him. So Ryan has come up with the idea of ​​designing garments that can be worn for a total of 30 months. The process of realizing this idea was not easy, but not impossible. Thanks to the good knowledge in this sector, the graduate has got a brilliant end result, which is a cool alternative to all conventional clothing lines.

For almost 3 years with the same clothing have fun


Flexibility and beautiful looks in one – The garments are considered extremely flexible and for this reason they are perfect for leisure and kindergarten activities. The product selection includes tops and bottoms in various colors such as purple, blue and black.

Enjoy the practical clothing line

Design clothing upper and lower part

The only condition for the clothing line is – the baby must be 6 months old. But that depends very much on the size of the small one, but generally this lower limit. As a further advantage of the practical child clothing is that it is very flexible when packing. These garments claim just as much space as a pair of socks, and this is very handy for any holiday trip with small children.

Petit pli clothing line
Clothing line of petit pli
Green children clothes
Children's clothing in black flexible
Shell in blue

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