Clay – From The Treasure Chest Of Nature

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medicinal Earth beauty secret of the Aztecs

Clay and her beauty values

Clay is a powder, which comes from glacial deposits and is used for various applications. It is mixed with cold water and is then ready for use.

The clay powder is old as the world and known with its beauty services. That is still an excellent cleaning agent and a natural medicine.

Earth masks z.B penetrate deep into the skin, Act alkaline, soften the skin and thoroughly “clean” our skin.

Clay powder mixed suffices with cold water for regular skin care

medicinal Earth cosmetics In the potty

You can take the product out of the Earth is safe for the hair and the skin

clay hair

Heilerde-powder is produced in nature as deposits of various minerals

healing Earth to how created

The application of clay masks can be traced back a long time in the past

medicinal Earth cosmetics Keiserin

So purified tissue absorbs while minerals and trace elements from the Earth (to the Schutzung of the connective tissue) and forwards it to the lower strata of our skin.

Old recipes for beauty

Clay can be wash and dye hair.  You can apply Heilerde-paste on your scalp. This healing medicine works well against dandruff and irritability skin.

Pale or yellow ochre (Multani MATI) is used as a shampoo.  Fresh lemon juice or oil, mixed with rose water makes the hair supple, free of dandruff and cools the head.

The white and the Green Clay formations are very popular

medicinal Earth hair stones

The clay is very tender to the human skin and has no side effects

healing Earth for skin

There are types of clay that are taken internally

medicinal cosmetics to drinking Earth

Treatment with healing clay

Fine and sensitive skin that tends to dryness and redness, should get a clay coating or a clay – mask no more than once per week. To counteract the dehydration of the skin, to the clay mask may not dry. Therefore, it is covered with a damp cloth.

The healing Earth detoxifies, cleanses and refreshes the skin

heal RDE to how the cream

A Heilerde-area is shown on this photo

clay formation

The massage with healing clay-paste acts preventively against varicose veins and cellulite

medicinal Earth cosmetic remedy for varicose veins

The clay painting or the mask caused 3 EL based on clay and

1-2 tablespoons cold pressed vegetable oil or arnica, calendula, Sage tincture or fennel tea Sud

Or mixed clay powder and wheat bran in a ratio of 1:1 with water.

In a water bath, oil is heated, überpudert with Earth, and stirred. The solid mass is dissolved in a little water (or tea Sud).  The tincture you should allow to drain and once again set up.

The still-warm paste is applied immediately on the face. After 30 min, the mask with damp cloths is carefully removed.

On occasion, try effect healing Earth the whole body

hail for the skin whole earth

Clay products smooth skin and bleed through the internal organs

medicinal Earth cosmetics Durchblütung

A use-finished clay piece

Hey IBI for the piece

Clay water purifies and is like as a preferred means to remove

healing Earth to remove

An old banked shampoo from Morocco

A large portion of clay powder is dissolved in water and on a brass tray to dry evenly.  The moisture is evaporated, the swollen up clay into small pieces is broken and set aside to dry.

An equivalent amount of cloves, Myrtle, rose buds, Moss, Earth’s mantle, Melilotus and orange peel are mixed and pulverized in a mortar. The fragrant powder is in turn dissolved in water with the clay pieces, mix well and spread on a tray. You can even dry the scented clay powder. Then, the mixture into small serving pieces is cut and thus already made to wash the hair.

By clay, you radiate your beauty

medicinal Earth cosmetics beauty

Her hair will be grateful to you if you regularly treat them with this soil mix

medicinal Earth cosmetics hair

A natural product that there is everywhere and is very inexpensive

healing Earth for the hair powder

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