Clove Spice And Its Impressive Properties

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cloves spices mulled wine

Welcome the cloves spice and benefit from its qualities

Here it’s not about Carnation, the well-known flower but the spice, whose health and healing characteristics were known just 2000 years ago. The cloves spice is valuable and has a very pleasant smell. The clove in the pastry as an aromatic confectionery addition is well known. Their importance in naturopathy as a natural remedy is increasing.

The clove tree grows in tropical areas, and its fruits are harvested by hand.  The Carnation is the dried flower buds of the clove tree as a condiment.

The Evergreen clove tree like the tropical climate

cloves spice tree

The buds of cloves have a high content of essential oil of cloves

cloves spice bud

The Carnation is most commonly used in the preparation of sweets and tea

cloves spice clove

In recent years, we hear more and more about the health values of this spice. The clove oil is well known because it has a very calming effect. Most commonly, the clove oil shows applied for dental pain, remarkable results.

The precious oil of cloves is located in the buds of the plant and quickly loses quality when it is processed, so it is to buy useful all buds. To be sure that the buds are good, there is a simple trick: push in in the bud with a fingernail. If the nail something oiled and the aroma is strong, should that be a sign of good quality.

Each aromatic the bud, the better the quality

cloves spice poop

Very original, aromatic and of course, 100% is the orange pink as a Christmas decoration

cloves spice Xmas decoration

that can be made in the advent season

cloves spice of Xmas jewellery

You can prepare for example premium, homemade mouthwash from the buds of the clove. It has antibacterial and Heavenly aroma. For this purpose, mash a few cloves and douse them with hot, but not boiling water. After 10 minutes, you can sift through the mouth wash and use.

You can apply very careful this water or diluted clove oil on a fungal infection on the skin. The oil is very intense and can lead to an unpleasant feeling or even skin irritants. So, be careful with it!

The compilation is the best natural remedy for mosquitoes clove and lemon

cloves spice of Xmas against mosquitoes

Aromatic mulled and punches are often flavored with clove and cinnamon

cloves spice tea

The clove has to protect the ability because it tripled the amount of insulin in the body if ingested from diabetes. Rich in manganese, magnesium, calcium, vitamins C and K, and Omega 3 acids, the Carnation a neutralizing role in metabolism.

After a hearty and heavy meal, you drink a cup of clove tea. The feeling of fullness is less and your lean calmed down quickly.

Pregnant women and children should avoid the use of clove.

The clove spice in Indonesia, is very well known

cloves spice aroma

where are also the famous clove cigarettes

cloves spice Indonesia clove Zeigarette

A table decoration with nuts, cloves, oranges looks not only class. It can be your living room smell heavenly

cloves spice of Xmas nuts

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