Coco Chanel In 20 Great Quotes About Life And Fashion

The ingenious people from all walks of life have some things in common: this is the possession of a peculiar, changeable philosophy of life. Certainly Coco Chanel is proof of that. This is the same philosophy of life that has guided her through the difficulties of her life and helped her to understand the notion of fashion and stylishness to change. Instead of philosophizing more about this topic, we’ve put together some great quotes from her for you!

Coco Chanel was famous for her brazen character

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Coco Chanel on fashion, women and men

There are people who have money and people who are rich.

There are two things a man can never understand: this is the mystery of creation and the hat of his wife.

Fashion, as well as architecture, is a question of proportions.

For a dress to look beautiful, the woman who wears it must look naked.

As a rule, women choose their nightgown much more cautiously than men.

Every woman has the age she deserves.

The nudity of a woman must be offered to the man with teaspoons, rather than from the ladle.

With her fashion, Coco Chanel has influenced the way of life of many people

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Coco Chanel on fashion and life

There is time for work, there is time for love – there is nothing left.

I like it when fashion goes out on the street, but I will not let it come in from there.

The love is paid on installments and a large part of it unfortunately, after it is over.

In the past, women fought for their own territory. Every defeat was actually a victory. Now the women fight on male territory. Every victory is a defeat.

Nothing makes a woman look older than a too rich suit.

Fashion is this that goes out of fashion.

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Coco Chanel on fashion and transience

People are not attracted to fashion, but to the few people who do it.

In order for you to remain irreplaceable, you must constantly change.

At 20 you have a face as nature has given you. How it will be with 50, it depends mainly on you.

IF San Loren has an excellent taste. The more he imitates me, the better taste he shows.

The fashion passes, the style remains.

The aging does not protect against love, but the love before the aging.

Coco Chanel: Glory is loneliness.

Coco Chanel picture from 1920

What is behind these ingredients?

Coco Chanel had one revolutionary spirit and not only in the field of fashion. Even with regard to the emancipation of women, we can still learn much from her today. For example, did you know that we largely owe it to the integration of male elements in women’s clothing? At least the enforcement of this trend! Can you imagine today’s life without women’s pants?

The advice of Coco Chanel on femininity remains current today

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Coco Chanel is still known for her interesting life

Coco Chanel in an advanced age

Many of the looks of Coco Chanel still look modern today

Coco chanel with short haircut

Coco has repeatedly pointed to the careful selection of jewelry

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Although Coco Chanel was very feminine, we owe her many men’s items in women’s fashion

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For Coco, the perfect execution of all details was typical

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She seems to have seen the world through fashion

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