Collagen – Significance And Importance

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What is collagen and it is so useful for us?

Collagen is the most common protein in the human body. It is one of the materials that hold together different parts of the body. Collagen in the bones, muscles, the tendons and skin are. Collagen is responsible for the strength of the fabric. The collagen, like all other proteins, based on amino acids. The sufficient amount of collagen in our body is for its features of fundamental importance.

It’s never early to start enough with the care for the skin

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The two different types of collagen

Broadly speaking there are two types of collagen. One form is that which exists in our body. The other is produced externally. It is used as a supplement to our own.

The collagen is separated from different cells in our body. Mainly it comes but from the connective tissue. Young bodies produce usually enough of them. Over 40 years, but greatly reduces the amount.

The ageing processes of the body and thus the skin are not to stop, but we can slow it down

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Collagen in the age

You have surely heard that many therapies that try to combat aging, contain collagen: the reason to do this is simple. The amount of collagen in our skin and the other organs decreases with age. Thus, they are weaker and not as tight.

Not only the visible consequences are severe. Collagen contains in the protective layers of important organs such as the kidneys.

Maintain especially the skin intensively, so that you avoid future interventions

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Collagen for the skin

Injection with collagen to fill are we able to smooth the contours of the skin and some of the wrinkles in the face. Also, pimples and scars can be made so that less visible or completely corrected.

The thoughts, the food, but also the genes determine our skin condition

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Unfortunately, there are also risks and constraints

Many people find certain allergies. You should test before an extensive treatment with collagen always the reaction of your body with a small amount.

In addition, the expectations should be realistic. Relatively small defects can make amends with collagen. The others require different kind of treatment such as grease and silicone implants.

You probably don’t see how your skin suffers under certain conditions

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The skin has the ability to stretch and you can help

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Collagen at wound

Also skin wounds can be treated with collagen. It attracts new, healthy cells to the injured site. So to promote healing and the wound is quickly growing together.

A number of skin wounds have to heal themselves. This is true even for many chronic wounds, showing no improvement in a long time.

Cosmetic products for the skin, containing collagen

There are more and more cosmetic products on the market, which regenerate the skin. Including many skin creams and powders are available. Their effect is often exaggerated. The reason for this is that collagen is only difficult successfully passed through these products to the right place.

Select the right facial for the day and the night

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Natural cosmetics would be for your facial skin by advantage

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So you effectively increase the amount of collagen

The amount of collagen in the skin and other organs can be greatly increased by a laser therapy. This method is very effective and modern cosmetics.

With regard to the food – put a focus on the food rich in amino acids. Here are other substances, which are for the making of collagen by importance:

ProLine: Contained in egg whites, meat, herbs, cheese, soy;
Anthocyanin: Included in the raspberries, blackberries, cherries;
Vitamin C;
Vitamin A

To be fair, your face and lips need intensive protection especially in winter

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In some cases, taking tablets is recommended by collagen. Do not take this step however, if you have to consult a specialist before.

How we damage the collagen?

There are a number of factors that destroy the collagen. For example, they are very harmful to large amounts of sugar in this respect. Smoking is a serious negative factor. The sunlight and specifically the ultraviolet (UV) radiation also destroy the collagen.

The beauty of your skin decreases with increasing age,

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Menopause and other hormonal changes exert an influence on your skin

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