Current Trends In Piercings On The Ear For 2018

Posted on Mar 20, 2018

The end of March is approaching and it is now almost clear which tendencies will prevail in the piercings for 2018. In make-up trends, pink make-up is likely to prove to be the hottest trend this year. Both Clothes are back in the 80s with their influence noticeable. In fact, it’s kind of a bit difficult to imagine the piercings in this context. But here comes the answer!

The super dencent piercing ideas are in!

nade inside in the ear piercings

Piercings and other jewelry ideas

Let’s start by saying that the piercings are in themselves one of the hottest jewelry trends for 2018. They will totally dominate this year. The minimalist style of performing these will cause many more people to opt for it than before.

Creative and minimalistic – that’s how your piercing should be for your ears!

Elegant bow piercings

Piercing on the ear is becoming more and more popular

In 2017, there was a 60% increase in piercings on the ear. Probably because they are so simple and minimalist. Piercings are slowly becoming almost as classic a solution as simple earrings. This trend will continue in 2018.

The elegant piercing chains are often chosen

piercing decent touch

Minimalist stud earrings

The minimalist stud earrings are a hot trend for this year. Elegant materials and shapes create a very upscale look. Slowly it could become the norm to wear piercings even on formal occasions.

With such an ear jewelery you can also appear on a more noble event

piercings extravagnate solution

Geometric shapes

Not only in the piercings, but also in the jewelry in general dominate the geometric shapes. Often they also carry a symbolic meaning or another abstract meaning. We also observe this tendency in the piercings.

If you act simple, you can have several piercings on the same ear

piercings hanging design

Simple piercing

Several piercing ideas are currently up to date. But by no means should you rely on the so elaborate appearance and the complicated shapes. In this case it applies again – the minimalist and simple appearance is announced; is ‘in’; is hip; is trendy.

Such earrings are a hot trend this year

piercings square shape

Constellation ear climber

If you like constellation ear climbers, then they’re just as lucky in 2018. The popularity of this earrings has already risen in 2017. Back then they were around 70% in the UK. This year it continues.

Another example of modern and discreet earrings

piercings several minimalistic pieces

Inspired by astrology

The modern Piercings 2018 are very often inspired by astrology. We discover many diverse ideas for the representation of zodiac signs. And of course, the minimalist ones are the most fashionable.

The noble colors make piercing more universal

piercings in the upper part at the ear

Chains emphasize the ear best in many

piercings small bow

Stars are a popular pattern for piercing

piercings several stars

Geometric and symbolic shapes are hip piercing ideas

piercings original design

This model of piercing is romantic and modern at the same time

piercings see elegant design

The geometric shapes are In

piercings silver splendor

Modern piercings are like little works of art

piercings zodiac idea

Simple piercing ideas that look quite noble

piercings two great lines

Finally, a very subtle piercing!

very discreet solution piercings

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