Dream Islands That Offer Holidays, Relaxation And Tranquility

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In our article series on dreamlike travel destinations worldwide, we have already given you a lot of inspiration and useful information for a great beach holiday in winter. If you really want to travel over Christmas, then you can still book a holiday in the Maldives or fly to the Caribbean. But maybe you could choose one of the private islands in the Indian Ocean as your next holiday destination. Numerous dream islands are scattered throughout the world and yet they have much in common: they all offer their guests and sun-seeking holidaymakers the best way to escape the stresses of everyday life at home and enjoy complete relaxation and tranquility far from the hustle and bustle. In addition, during an island holiday you can inquire about new places, get to know small romantic towns, swim and dive in azure lagoons and feel a sense of freedom. The dream islands that we present to you today are simply the perfect holiday destinations for all ages.

Dream islands that fascinate!


We’ve selected three dream islands for this item that are not just for adventurers and explorers. These are paradisiacal places where you can combine pure relaxation with sports and entertainment. There are wonderful bathing weather almost all year round, the crystal-clear sea water is a respite for swimmers and snorkelers, white beaches tempt guests who want to lazy a bit and just prefer to do nothing.

If you want to be fascinated by the natural charm and the complete tranquility of these paradisiacal places, then read on and admire the pictures!

Leave the stress of everyday life behind and enjoy stress-free days on one of the dream islands of the world

Dream islands white beaches

  • Dream Islands of the World: Lizard Island offers romantic holidays and dreamy seclusion in one

Certainly only a few Germans know the coral reefs in the north of Australia. But there is a beautiful holiday oasis that many newly wed couples choose for their honeymoon. If you have a family reunion or other big event coming up, you can also rent this private island for that. The accommodation and the service here leave nothing to be desired. From your room you can enjoy the breathtaking ocean view during the day and at night. Every minute you can experience something new and interesting here. A protected national park and numerous beautiful beaches entice many adventurers here, who like to dive and discover the flora and fauna of the dream island for themselves. Daily activities such as swimming, tennis, hiking are offered in your favor. Passionate anglers and fishermen can enjoy their favorite hobby on Lizard Island during the day and enjoy some of the local culinary specialties in the evening. Is there a better dream vacation than one?

Lizard Island is a romantic place that has much to offer.

Dream Islands Romatik pure enchanting nature

Lovers are here in the right place!

Dream islands ideal vacation spot in love couples

The excellent cuisine and perfect service on the island meet the high standards of the guests

Excellent cuisine

Motu Teta is a dream island where you feel like you are in paradise

Dream Islands Motu Teta

  • Dream Islands worldwide: Motu Teta – be alone in paradise and spend a wonderful beach holiday

From the northern coast of Australia, our virtual vacation trip continues into the Pacific. More specifically, according to Motu Teta. This is a private dream island in the South Pacific, in French Polynesia. This indescribably beautiful place is about 90 minutes boos ride from Rangiroa airport. Here lies the largest atoll in the Tuamoto archipelago and is the perfect destination for divers and snorkelers. High coconut palms, wide white sandstrips, turquoise waters and fascinating views! Time seems to be standing still here! The travelers on the island of Motu Teta are guaranteed full comfort and experience paradise on earth! If you like traveling as a couple and want to visit this island, you can spend a romantic holiday on Motu Teta and never forget it.

This exclusive island retreat offers peace and comfort in one

Dream islands perfect vacation place rest

Here you can enjoy a few days in seclusion and discover the natural charm of simple things

Dream islands seclusion nature sea ravishing

Enjoy the specialties of the polish cuisine!

Specialties of the polish cuisine

Here you will discover the charm of the French-Polinese way of life and the local food and drinks. If you want to treat yourself to a long break, which you deserve well deserve, then come to Motu Teta! Comfortable beach villas, pools and stunning panoramic views can impress any guest. In addition, you will be served by friendly and courteous staff, which cares for the well-being of the tourists on the island.

High coconut palms and azure sea – a wonderful backdrop for a dream vacation

High coconut palms

Here you stay away from stress and hectic life

Dream islands holiday without stress hectic

This cozy beach house can be rented for a wonderful holiday within the tropical forest

Cozy beach house dreamlike island vacation Isla Simca tropical forest

  • Isla Simca – one of the most beautiful dream islands, where one has safari and beach vacation in one place

For those holiday-makers who want to kick-start their big wallet and are prepared to spend a lot of money on unique holiday experiences, we have a great destination to offer – Isla Simca, which is also a dream island just off Panama’s Pacific coast. It belongs to the Pigozzi family, founder of the Simca carmaker brand, and has been renting a beach house for a few years now as a vacation home and spending wonderful days with friends and family. From your first-class accommodation, you can watch the azure blue bay daily and immerse yourself in the green of the tropical forest. On the horizon, the border between sky and sea blurs and their colors blend in an endless blue palette. With such panoramic views one easily forgets the stressful everyday life and leaves the hustle and bustle behind.

On the island you can feel the natural beauty of the tropical forest up close

Isla Simca

Adventurers and explorers are in the right place here

Safari Trip Dream Islands Real Vacation Adventurer Explorer

Your stay on the island of Isla Simca could not be boring, as there is a long list of holiday activities to choose from. The water sports are understandably capitalized on this dream island, especially swimming, diving, fishing, kayaking. But you can also ride horses, take a safari tour and explore the local nature park. In the evening, guests can sample freshly prepared salads and fish specialties, or sip a refreshing cocktail on the beach. Or just lazy and let your soul!

What do you think, do these paradisiacal islands remain an unfulfilled dream for you or is your next vacation trip perhaps going there?

Breakfast in bed – let yourself be pampered!

Dream islands spoil breakfast in bed

Enjoy local specialties and delight the palate

Dream Islands local specialties to delight the palate

As if time had stopped here

Dream Islands time stood still blue Himmer endless sea white beach

On the dream island of Isla Simca you can experience a wonderful time out here

Dream Islands Isla Simca Enjoy your time out

Each of the three dream islands described here is the ideal place for an unforgettable holiday for two

Island vacation for two dream islands worldwide

The motto of every dream holiday is: live and enjoy!

Panoramic view azure sea delicious food dream islands

You can not do without these tasty dishes

Delicious food to enjoy local specialties on vacation

Local delicacies are pure temptation

Delicious food Drinking pure temptation

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