Dress Shirt For The Perfect Oktoberfest Look

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Every real fan of the Oktoberfest waits with impatience for the next trachtenzug. If you are looking forward to the Oktoberfest, then you can make the decision for your Oktoberfest look in time! In doing so, one adheres to a predefined model. Variations are still allowed! However, each gives his appearance the certain something, which distinguishes him from the mass! Even if Dirndl get more attention on the feast, today the man’s feast comes into the limelight.

The Oktoberfest visitors, in their choice of clothing, follow old traditions: However, the Oktoberfest vision is somehow regulated. Some things are obligatory, others are subject to modifications. Both sexes wear typical garments, which were formerly worn as a preferred costume. Men can not go to the Oktoberfest without leather trousers and costume shirts! Fortunately, traditional dresses also find a versatile application after the biggest folk festival in the world. They are almost mandatory in every men’s wardrobe these days. And practically at the same time! Yes exactly! The costume shirt Is today the focus of our contribution!…

Dress up stylish, fashion conscious and in the spirit of the feast

Shirt for the october festival checkered

The Bavarian manhood

If men want an adequate vision in the sense of the Oktoberfest, they should consider some things. The distinctive element in the traditional men’s clothing is undoubtedly the leather pants. However, this only comes to the fore with the right shirt. Other components of the masculine are:

  • Haferlschuhe
  • Socks or calf heaters
  • Cardigan or vest

As is the case with every piece of clothing, traditional dresses are also subject to certain tendencies. In this respect, many materials and presentations are now available. Applications and knitwear refresh the men’s look at the Oktoberfest. Let’s take a look at the different styles in which traditional dresses appear.

Different trends prevail throughout the years for the Oktoberfest look also for men

Traditional shirt in white


Out of linen is the traditional costume shirt. It is widely cut and usually comes in white or beige. A half-button strip or rustic lacing in the chest area are further characteristics of the traditional costume shirt. The buttons are made of deerhorn.


Classic dress shirts have subtle breast pocket and rustic button strip. The typical check pattern appears in various variations – from fine to coarse.


Modern floral prints are popular with the modern costume shirts. Monochrome models are equally popular. Most of these shirts are fitted with a colored sleeve cover.

The costume shirt makes different outfits possible

The costume shirt is a universal garment for men. Several combinations are possible with this. They are suitable for every occasion.

  • If you combine the trousers shirt with leather trousers, you wear this with high-cut carding arms and put it into your pants traditionally.
  • The sporty look can also complement the costume shirt. With jeans pants this looks great. The sleeves can appear as a striking accent in the outfit.
  • An elegant vision could just as well complete the costume shirt.

Traditional dresses are functional garments

Trousers shirt monochrome and universal

Nowadays the costume fashion seems to be particularly versatile! Not only traditional and classic costume shirts can be seen today at the Oktoberfest. Men like to experiment with the new trends and choose extravagant models and eye-catching colors. Not only is the emphasis on linen shirts, but also on small shirts.

Just keep pace with fashion and enjoy a beautiful Oktoberfest with family and friends!

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