Eclectic Interior Design Ideas 2018 With A Trendy Look

There is much to be said for the eclectic home decor this year. For example, even the greatest and trendiest interior design ideas will eventually become obsolete. In addition, it is logical that after some time you feel like renewing your own home. Often you want to pick up on some of the latest trends, without turning the interior completely upside down or exchange. Last but not least, people with different tastes can find something for themselves in an electric mix. How do you bring these facilities in line with the modern trends of 2018? We want to explain this in the next lines with some tips and examples.

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Interior design ideas from the seventies

This year, the retro style is particularly modern. In 2018, people like to bring the seventies to the fore. They go hand in hand with opulent interior design ideas. The 70s can be represented by different accessories, which carry the charisma of this bygone era. Inside an eclectic mix, they look inconspicuous and, you might say, quite refreshing. This trend was particularly successful with the living ideas of esprit interpreted. There you will discover as many great examples of how to integrate antiques into the interior and decoration. The latter is also a strong trend this year.

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Balance and coziness in the foreground

The modern furniture for 2018 show pretty simple shapes. A high value is placed on balance and cosiness. The Scandinavian Hygge trend is not only noticeable in the winter decoration ideas. Rather, he controls the furniture more and more often. You can add a modern look to your home with eye-catching, luxury-radiating textiles in modern colors contribute. What do you think of something velvet for the furniture? And as for the colors, we have the following tip: One of the most popular modern colors for 2018 bears a Scandinavian character and she would fulfill your interior design at the same time with hygge radiance and freshness. There is talk of the so-called Scandi Pink. Many other modern pink shades also dominate the deco ideas this year.

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Opt for modern materials

To make your classic interior look modern, we recommend using some of the most modern materials. Chrome furniture and accessories are very topical in 2018. In addition, the ceramic replaces almost all types of decorative objects made of glass. Especially vases and accent lights should be executed in this style. Another idea: beautiful ceramic accessories can be placed on wooden side tables or other surfaces made of this material, so that they come into their own. For the walls, choose a modern pastel color or light gray. And you prefer to choose rough surfaces.

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Creative mess

In general, the 2018 eclectic should have a certain Messy aura and spread balance and relaxation in the room. How do you achieve this? The best thing to do with the shapes of the furniture as possible to put on the simplicity. Go for it braver and opulent in the mixture of styles, textures and colors!

We hope that you also like our examples and that you can draw inspiration from them.

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