Elder Magic Berry

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The elder and his healing power

Elderberry in the medicine cabinet

The elder is one of the most common shrub species in Europe. The elder shrub or tree can be up to 11 m high. Its small, black fruits, which are better known as elderberry berries ripe in September and can then be harvested and used.

The elderberry juice and the tea of the bark or the elderflowers are considered proven natural remedy for colds, kidney and bladder complaints. They are applied as a good tonic during circulatory and heart problems until today. Many studies show that elder extracts are effective against flu.

The science proves again and again that elder fights the cancer cells

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The plant contains health-promoting essential oils, which have a sudorific and expectorant function. Stomach be fought successfully with elderberry tea by the House of medicine.

The elderberry oil is obtained through cold pressure from the seeds of the elder. The finished product is use in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and medicine.

Researchers observed that the birds eat plenty ripe elderberries before their departure

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The Elderberries are versatile. Try out the homemade elderberry – hazelnut ice cream!

elderberry ice cream with hazelnut chocolate

Elderberry as a dye

The natural dye Sambicyanin, the berries will be contained in the shells, was formerly used for dyeing hair and leather. With the dark elderberry juice you got earlier color a stronger Rotwein-.  In our modern time, where many people prefer the natural and healthy, these food coloring gaining value.  The elderberry is used as dye in the manufacture of sweets and dairy products. Except in the food industry, the elderberry dye is relatively widely used also in the manufacture of textiles.

With the organic elderberry color you can give free rein to your imagination

Holun of the syrup

Surprise your guests with a wholesome and home-made elderberry liqueur

Ho Lunder cardamom liquor

Jam, which is diluted with water that quenches the thirst and gives vitality

Elderflower and Mint Jamtini

Elderberry as food

Because the Elderberries are weakly toxic, you should better look with the raw consumption. Nausea and vomiting are not excluded. The better idea is to prepare from the ripe elderberries of aromatic syrup, jellies and jams.

With the elderberry jelly, the snacking of sweets can be health-promoting

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End of August the elderberry berries begin to mature. For the syrup, you need only ripe fruit. In glass jars you layers of alternating elderberry berries and sugar. Complete with the sugar and 3 weeks dark and dry place. Using a sieve and a funnel, fill a few bottles and make for a dark storage time.

The elderberry syrup strengthens the immune and cleans the blood

Holund he healthy syrup

You can prepare easily and conveniently at home the

Holun of the berries lose

One tablespoon daily keeps alive and long you before dinner throughout the year

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