Electrosmog – The Invisible Danger Around Us

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We all know exactly how intensively our everyday life has developed and how quickly the latest innovations in the technical and digital world have found a firm place in our lives. Everywhere you see high send masts and antennas. Cell phones and other wireless devices are now a must, induction cookers are modern, without TV, PC and Internet, we can hardly imagine our life in the 21st century. Yes, but as is often the case in life, many positive things also have their negative sides. The problem is actually that millions of people around the world are constantly exposed to a dangerous radiation and unfortunately do not know much about it and even worse, can do little about it. This unwanted radiation comes from technically generated electric and magnetic fields and is called electrosmog. That is, the modern man lives and works in an environment that endangers his health.

Nobody can escape the news of digital technology

Elektrosmog computers at the workplace

According to recent medical examinations, people are increasingly suffering from headache, poor work concentration, insomnia, high blood pressure and allergies. The number of such and many other complaints has risen enormously in recent years. Doctors and medical specialists are sounding alarms and wondering what the negative symptoms actually caused?

Scientists are still arguing about this and are looking for logical solutions. For pessimists and fear-makers, however, it is clear that modern man is constantly exposed to an invisible danger to his health and this is called electrosmog. The term is in the mouth today and is widely discussed. What exactly has led to electromagnetic pollution and how this danger could be avoided for the common health of the people, we will briefly discuss this article.

The constant mobile phone is simply part of our everyday life

Elektrosmog mobile phones are a real danger to our health

What is meant by”electrosmog”?

The term”electrosmog”originated at the end of the seventies and is a combination of the English words”smoke”and”fog”. This is a brief description of the pollution of the human environment with electromagnetic radiation. A whole century before this development began with Thomas Edison, when the genius invented in 1879 the first light bulb. At that time, the new era of electric power broke. In the meantime, humanity has traveled a long way. The result is that without electricity you can not live today. And as it goes on, no one can foresee. We are delighted that so many modern electrical appliances and numerous electronic devices are available to make our everyday life easier. The fact is that the modern technical innovations are not to be excluded from our lives. With their numerous plus points, only a few people think that they pollute our living and working environment.

Millions of people around the world are now affected by environmental pollution and electrosmog

Elektrosmog super modern kitchens in the contemporary kitchen

All electrical cables and electrical appliances connected to the mains supply electrical and magnetic alternating fields. Their frequency is decisive. At above 20 KHz, an electromagnetic field is created, which has negative effects on the human organism. A distinction is made between low-frequency and high-frequency radiation sources. For example, mobile phones, WLAN and Bluetooth devices and the cordless phones are high-frequency radiation sources. Unfortunately, this means the progress of electrical and digital technology is associated with serious threat to health millions of people worldwide.

How far is human health endangered by electrosmog?

It has already been proven that radiation exposure has a negative effect on our health. There are more sensitive people who are more responsive than the majority of people, but that does not mean that they are protected or live without radiation. The electrosmog is invisible, but can still be felt all around us. We are inevitably exposed to this radiation and it affects our health. Electrical equipment and wireless technology interfere with various physical processes and affect our health.

Can one live without radiation or not?

Elektrosmog modern devices are everywhere in our life

Unfortunately, electromagnetic radiation could even cause cancer (brain tumors, eye and ear, leukemia). Such diseases as autism or Alzheimer’s are also due to this. Furthermore, the negative influence of the electric smog is associated with numerous malformations in the human body, miscarriages, heart problems, headache and high stress levels. Sleep and concentration disorders, chronic fatigue and dizziness are also a negative result of electromagnetic radiation in everyday life. Doctors and scientists are also of the opinion that they could even cause hormonal currents and disturb the general equilibrium in the organism. And these are no longer conjectures, these are facts which are proved by undisputed evidence. What can await us in the future, no one can say today.

Can you turn off your phone?

Elektrosmog the risk which carry mobile phones

Are there still places where you would not be exposed to radiation?

Elektrosmog threatens our health at home and at work

If you are interested in the topic, please read the continuation on our website. Here we give you useful tips on how you can live without radiation.

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