Exceptional Food And Precious Ingredients Around The World

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Discover the unknown world of gastronomy

Some people choose a specific holiday destination because you feel addressed by their places of historic interest. Other travelers dream on the other hand, to try out unusual and exotic dishes from all over the world, to this kind and way of the culture of different Nations to come near. Presented in the following dishes are weird, some of them are in addition quite expensive. Oh well… delicious or not, enjoy! Of course, only if you could contain enough courage actually to taste these specialities. Those who accept the challenge, to accompany us on a unique journey of gastronomy?

Exceptional food around the globe

food exceptional cooking tradition

Strange is the fact that we can discover us unknown location-specific ingredients in today’s globalised world is still in certain places. These underlie different snacks and amazing dishes and are regarded by most foreigners as a delicatessen. Other exotic and different from the usual dishes however seem to evoke no positive associations with the tourists and are considered to be rather strange.

Food exceptional for most Europeans, however, is just part of everyday Essplans of the locals. The recipes are handed down from generation to generation and are now deeply rooted in the traditions of the respective nation.

Throughout the year the Swedes enjoy the so-called canned sour herring (Surströmming). The cans to open but wegen…des of violent stink at all events in the open air! The unique combination of the herein butane acid (rancid butter), acetic acid, and hydrogen sulfide is the foul odor! You to ferment months leave and preserve right after the fish in a barrel over the course of one or two. Until all organic substances is completely converted into acid and gases and the pegs to the consumer are ready, this product needs approximately a year!

Exceptional food – canned sour herring

herring eat extraordinary

Japan serves different, your health hazardous fish species. The speciality of fugu is prepared from the lean meat of the T-shirt and is one of the most famous and most popular dishes in Japanese cuisine. This fish is however quite dangerous, strong poison can kill a healthy person in a few seconds. For this reason only selected and excellent cooks may prepare the dish right in front of the guests in the restaurant – proper preparation is the result of a long training and many hours of practice that ultimately bring a special cooking master certificate the corresponding cooking. Despite the high price and the risk of the life to come, enjoys this dish quite great interest on the part of gourmet. Only one person in Japan must not transgress the prohibition of eating the fugu – the safety of the Emperor is a top priority and is of primary importance.

Fugu may prepare extraordinary food – only specially trained chefs

exceptional food Cook fugu

In China, they consumed like soup out… Bird nests! Instead of branches and straw, the thirty build their nests from their own saliva and algae. This particular bird’s nest soup is known as Chinese piano or Piano of the East , is considered a powerful aphrodisiac and costs approximately USD 2 000 augfrund of their likely health-giving properties.

Balut is a typical dish in the Philippines, Laos, Vietnam and Kambotscha. This cooked chicken angebrütete or duck egg contains many proteins and is reputed to be an aphrodisiac.
The snake wine or even snake liquor called is very popular in Vietnam due to widely used in traditional Chinese medicine believes that the snake venom strengthens the immune system and protects the body from many diseases! What is special about this drink is the fact that the body of a poisonous snake is in a bottle full with rice wine. Don’t worry – the venom is denatured by the alcohol!
The exotic food and its luxury price

exceptional food consume

Some people settle for a piece of pizza, spaghetti or simply chocolate, have some special taste a table while others and tend to the exotic and luxurious dishes such as Hausenkavier and white truffle. For the information: a kilo costs at least $5,000 Hausenkavier, one and a half kilos of white truffles was sold last year at a price of 160 000 dollars! We introduce some of the most delicious, but also most precious food of the world!

For a half a kilo of Iberian ham with acorns (Jamon iberico de bellota) you have to pay about $100! Pigs, this typical Spanish ham is made from the meat, are their lives only with acorns gefüttern. You need salt a meat over the course of two weeks and then three years to contain, the ham ultimately reaches its customers.

Exceptional dining at a luxury price

exceptional eat expensive

The black “Densuke” watermelon is grown on the Japanese island of Hokkaidō. This fruit is different from the other types of fruit in their freshness and special sweetness.
Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world – you should spend 2000 dollars on half a kilo!
The Lebanese Schokofabrik Katelyn was for the most famous department store in London, Harrods department store, the most precious chocolate candies made. A box contains 49 pieces and costs $5,000. The candies are packed in hand crafted silk from India on the Swarovski crystals and genuine gold sparkle!
The French Atlantic island of Noirmoutier is through the cultivation of the most expensive potatoes were known worldwide. Fertilizing with seaweed rechfertigt the high amount (500 euros for a kilo). The potatoes left a slightly salty taste in the mouth and are characterised by their delicate lemon flavour.

Exceptional food – Surströmming to be opened outdoors

Sweden eat extraordinary

This little puffer fish is pretty poisonous

out Serge comfortable eating fugu

Exceptional food – swallow’s nest soup

eating out Serge homely special

A glass snake liquor for you?

out Serge comfortable eating Snake liquor

Do you have Jamon iberico de bellota already cost?

Ham eat out Serge homely

yummy eat

The black watermelon is a healthy and delicious fruit variety

scwarz watermelon

The Shafran is the most expensive spice in the world

sell saffron market

shafran precious

The most precious chocolate


The Noirmoutier potatoes make the ordinary potatoes, but distinguished by their special flavour

potatoes expensive goods

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