Eyelash Lamination – The New Beauty Trend For A Still Seductive Look

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Have you always wanted long, dense and lively eyelashes and tried every mascara product several times? Nevertheless, your eyelashes do not look like you imagine them and every new mascara remains only a bare advertising promise? Well, maybe the new Beauty Trend eyelash lamination is right for you. And what does that mean? What is the difference to eyelash extensions and why should you choose it? How is the new look best maintained? All this you will learn in the next lines.

Eyelash Lamination – A fabulous new beauty trend

What is eyelash lamination?

Also often called”keratin lamination”, eyelash lamination is a completely painless procedure that gives leaky, straight lashes a nice boost. The most important substance used here is namely keratin , This material is essential for our hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, because they are mainly composed of them.

The procedure is therefore called”lamination”because the eyelashes get a strengthening, nurturing sheathing.

In addition to the active ingredient keratin, collagen, polymer, vitamins A and C and silk proteins as well as natural substances such as chamomile, hops and yarrow are also used in the actual eyelash lamination. So, if you are too sensitive and have an allergy to any of these substances, we advise you to keep your hands off it. Caution is also asked in pregnancy and imminent eye surgery o. Ä.

Natural beauty through eyelash lamination

How is the lamination of eyelashes actually done?

Eyelash lamination must not be confused with conventional eyelash extensions or thickening. For in the second and third case, artificial hair eyelashes are attached to the own eyelash hair by means of a special adhesive. This procedure is like the eyelash lamination completely painless and takes about one hour. However, the artificial eyelashes then last for about two months. As long as the actual life cycle of your natural lashes lasts.

Pamper your eyelashes!

lash lamination beautiful woman eyelashes

They will thank you with an irresistible blink of an eye

eyelash lamination beauty trend beautiful eyelashes

Different with eyelash lamination. No extra hairs are added here. You could almost say that eyelash lamination is like a real eyelash wellness. After cleaning and degreasing the eyelashes, special silicone pads are placed on the lash line. Thus, the eyelash hairs are extended in a natural way and this at the same time get a perfect swing. A special volume fixator strengthens and compresses the eyelashes. Then the color comes to it. This is enriched with mineral oils and glycerine and thereby promotes eyelash growth. The result: stronger eyelashes with an intense color. Last but not least, the”lamination”is also on it. The protective wrap provides the eyelashes with the necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals as well as sufficient moisture.

Dare and try the new beauty trend yourself!

Care after eyelash lamination

The care rules after the treatment are not complicated at all. If you follow these, you can look forward to beautiful eyelashes with seductive swing also longer. Here are the most important:

  • Avoid contact with water in the eye for the next 24 hours
  • Showering and creaming are taboo during this period
  • From now on use only a water-soluble mascara
  • Make-up only with high-quality products that contain neither alcohol nor oil
  • Do not go too often in the sauna or in the steam bath and solarium – once a week should be enough
  • Forget the eyelash curler, you do not need it anymore anyway

Open-mindedness and cheerfulness in one

beautiful eyes eyebrows eyelash lamination


Eyelash lamination is a great beauty trend that is performed easily and without pain. You barely need to use mascara and definitely forget the annoying eyelash curler. Your eyes now radiate even more charm and you look a lot of rested and young. Give yourself a try and give yourself a dreamy look that seduces with its sensuality!

The difference between”Before”and”After”can be seen immediately

eyelash lamination beautiful look woman

Pure sensuality!

make up lash lamination eyelash extensions

Here you can see the effect of eyelash compaction by synthetic hair

eyelash lamination false lashes woman

Combine with a beautiful eyeliner

eyelash lamination beautiful woman with long eyelashes

Do not forget to style your eyebrows!

eyelash lamination beautiful blue eye woman

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