Fight Winter Depression – Tips Against Winter Blues

The winter is almost over, but we have to be patient until the beginning of spring. Outside, it is still dusky and cold, the sun can not be seen…. In addition, the number of colds is now increasing and the flu epidemic is peaking in many federal states. Yes, right now in the last weeks of winter everything can beat us pretty well. Every fifth German feels uncomfortable, reacts irritated and unnerved in everyday situations, is without drive, feels no energy in the body and has no desire to do something. Quite clearly these are the symptoms of winter depression. Today we want to help all those affected and their friends and relatives with good tips against the winter blues. In a nutshell, we show you the way how to fight the winter depression and how to get ready for the coming spring.

Thanks to her daily walks with the dog, this pair never falls into winter depression

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Winter depression is still of psychologists seasonally dependent depression Called (SAD). Depressed mood and lack of drive are the surest symptoms of this depression, which occurs in the winter months and may last until the end of March. In bad weather, most people stay at home and spend most of their time in their own home.

In the closed rooms they miss the sun’s rays. The low sun intensity in the winter makes them difficult. You feel depressed and depressed, often sad and do not socialize. There is an increased need for sleep or insomnia. Experts show that these depressive moods are due to the lack of light during the winter months in our geographical latitudes. The body produces too little serotonin (known as happiness hormone) and more than usual shakes off the sleep hormone melatonin. This is the reason for the onset of winter depression, which makes us tired, impotent and depressed. Still, that’s not the end of the world, is it?

Cuddling together on the couch in front of the fire does both partners well!

There are well-tried tips that you can follow in the winter weeks and thus work against winter blues yourself. Here we have summarized these for you:

  • Everyone needs a lot of exercise in order to fight winter depression more easily

Our tip number one is: do not let the bad weather keep you out and go for a walk every day. Try to start every ray of sunshine and enjoy the view of the winter landscape or on snow-covered mountains. When it’s raining or foggy, it’s uncomfortable to be outside, but you can use the other days for your everyday outdoor walk. Well, Gassi is also great fun for you and your beloved four-legged friend.

Going for a walk also makes a lot of fun in the winter and does your body and soul well.

Going for a walk makes winter a lot of fun does soul body well

In the last few weeks of winter nobody should waste their time, just sit around and hope for better weather. Now you can do more active sports. If jogging or a long marathon is not for you, head to the gym. First, there is a lot to do for your body and mind and spending time among people. This definitely works against the winter blues.

Jogging even in cold weather? But that’s not for everyone!

Jogging in the winter is very healthy but not for everyone

The much better idea for the free hours is: practice in the gym!

  • Spoil yourself at home and fight the winter depression!

Now you have the opportunity and certainly more time to pamper yourself and your loved ones at home. Cook something delicious and enjoy it with your partner or with your family. Treat yourself to a glass of exquisite red wine in the evening, it warms your body and soul wonderfully. Aromatic hot drinks and baked apples fill the home with their unmistakable taste and make us float on cloud seven.

Hot cappuccino and sweets can work wonders on cold days

Tips against winter blues hot cappuccino

In this miserable weather outside, you must under no circumstances renounce colors in your own home. Decorate your rooms boldly by adding some stark color accents here and there. Keep your houseplants under winter conditions and thank you for your efforts and soon show their most beautiful flowers. To introduce more colors into the four walls. According to color psychology, this is an important aspect that works against winter depression. Even your everyday clothes do not necessarily have to be gray or black. More colors this season are the prerequisite for a better mood at home, but also in the office.

Hot drinks, many room flowers and your loved ones – there would be no more winter depression!

Tips against winter depression with children at home

  • Spend a lot of time together with the beloved people

Also think about how other family members feel. Do everything possible to distract them from depressive thoughts. Play with your little ones, work together or watch TV. Cuddle all together on the couch, the proximity to each other can also work wonders! Make sure you have a decent lighting in the evening or hang up the fairy lights. Then take an aromatic bath and pamper your senses. All this works well against the winter blues and the good results will surely pleasantly surprise you soon.

Take a hot bath and feel reborn!

Taking a hot bath against winter depression will feel better

If our tips against winter depression do not help you much and the depressed mood persists for more than two weeks, you must consult your doctor and seek further advice from him. We wish you nice days without winter blues until the beginning of spring and stay fit and healthy!

The first early bloomers bring the anticipation for the coming spring and improve the mood!

Early spring crocuses bring anticipation to spring to improve the mood

Canned hyacinths are the first harbinger of the new season!

Canned hyacinths first heralds of spring

Even in the home office or office, you need fresh colors

Tips against winter depression Fresh colors in the home office or office

Dress in warm shades that give you a good mood and a stronger sense of self

Tips against winter blues clothing in warm shades good mood reinforced self-esteem

Make yourself comfortable in front of the flicker box!

Winter depression fight television together sitting comfortably in front of flickering box

Nordic Walking in winter works against possible depressive feelings

Nordic Walking in winter acts against winter depression

Sport is also practiced outdoors by many young people in winter

Tips against winter depression Sports in the snow driving young people jogging

Sports in the snow! A great idea to stay healthy and fit!

Fight winter depression - Tips against winter blues

Start every ray of sunshine

Tips against winter depression start every sunbeam to go for a walk

Treat yourself to a hot bath at home in the evening

Tips against winter depression take hot bath at home

Spoil yourself with essential oils…

Winter depression fight against being pampered with essential oils

… many candles and fresh lavender scent complete the soothing bath feeling

Many candles fresh lavender scent soothing bath feeling

Watch the crackling log fire for a long time, it’s like a flower bed in the winter days

Tips against winter depression See crackling fire like a flowerbed in winter