Foods With Magnesium – 6 Particularly Rich Sources Of Magnesium

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Foods with magnesium as important magnesium is actually?

Magnesium is an important mineral that is involved in the development of bones and teeth. It activates different reactions of carbohydrate – and as, and plays an important role in the nerve – and muscle irritability. The absorption of magnesium through the intestinal tract is inhibited by calcium, phosphorus, fat, protein and alcohol, as well as by a lack of vitamin B1 and B12. The exact magnesium requirements of the body is not known. It is clear that the demand is increased during lactation. A lack of magnesium leads to weight loss and muscle twitching. Also awareness or rhythm disturbances and seizures are possible.

Magnesium is important for the processes in our body

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Green vegetables and whole grains are a particularly rich source of magnesium

foods with magnesium wholemeal flour

Our body can produce a magnesium, so it is important by matching foods with magnesium or by preparations to cover our daily requirement of this mineral. We try in which foods, magnesium is the best available, today for you to summarize.

Natural sources of magnesium

The spinach takes one of the leading positions in topic magnesium

foods with magnesium spinach


The bananas are the strongest, natural winners against fatigue and exhaustion. On average, a banana contains 32mg of magnesium. A different mineral, which is responsible for the energy balance in the body is potassium and is included also in the bananas.

Bananas are a wonder fruit, when it comes to energy budget

foods with magnesium banana magnesium

Pulses are generally a reliable protein and magnesium source

foods with magnesium beans

Kidney beans

A cup of this healthy legumes contains 70mg of magnesium. In addition, the beans are an important source of fiber and protein-rich.

The regular consumption of nuts, especially of almonds, is recommended

foods with magnesium nuts

Black beans

All 120mg magnesium contains a cup of full of beans.

Tofu and soy products are very important, especially for vegetarians

foods with magnesium tofu

With legumes to adjust its magnesium budget

foods with magnesium legumes

Brown rice

If you are really rich looking a meal of magnesium, you prepare a dish of brown rice with black beans. Pro Cup (ca. 200 g) rice, ever 84mg of magnesium.

Except for its purifying effect of brown rice supplies your body with natural magnesium

foods with magnesium wholemeal nature

All manner of grains are perfect fiber, they have a high magnesium content

foods with magnesium whole


The consumption of all types of lenses is required especially for those who forgo meat.

Lentils are delicious and important for our muscle building

foods with magnesium beans colourful

The spinach tastes best raw, but he’s cooked for our stomach pleasant

foods with magnesium spinach dish


100 g cooked spinach contains 70mg of magnesium.  The spinach also supplies your body with calcium and iron. The spinach is very raw, but for your body, it is easy to process the cooked spinach.

More often use pine nuts as a garnish salads

foods with magnesium pine nuts

Other sources of magnesium

Other foods that provide us with magnesium, are still the tofu, legumes, whole grains, green vegetables, Bran, soy flour, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sugar beet molasses, pine nuts…

The sugar beet molasses slowly melts in your mouth and health value

foods with magnesium syrup

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