Fredagsmys Or Friday Evening In Swedish Style

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Do you expect to be home after work every Friday and make good plans for how you can spend your free time? If you answer positively the question asked here, then you are exactly correct with us today, because we have prepared very special ideas for your Friday evening. This article is about”Fredagsmys”. Have you never heard the word before? That’s the Swedish way, how to comfortably spend the Friday evening and make it comfortable at home. Sure, the following ideas are also great for your free evenings. These are for laid-back people who want to live far away from the everyday stress and dynamics of big city life. This is not about discos or rock concerts on Friday evening, but a cozy get-together in close friends and family.

It’s Friday night again! The best time to laze on the couch!

Cosiness at home on the couch

The Danish Life Style Concept Hygge has become very popular with us in recent years. We admire the Danes for their Hygge-Feelings which they successfully disseminate and enjoy in their free time. The Swedes, on the other hand, have mys, which can basically be translated as well-being. Both concepts are similar because they come from two Scandinavian countries, where winter weather is extremely cold.

The sun hardly shines and its northern beauty is always admirable. What could you do on cold evenings, especially after a stressful work week? The most natural – relax and unwind! The Swedes have found a perfect solution for casual winter evenings at the end of the working week. Then they put a special emphasis on delicious food. This tradition has come to a head on Friday evenings.

Cuddly pillows and full bowls make the typical Swedish atmosphere on Friday evening

Swedish atmosphere Friday night

  • A look at the Swedish tradition Fredagsmys

Of course, we have researched and discovered many interesting things in the history of Swedish”time out”. Actually, we just wanted to reveal the secret of the Swedes and find out where their fascination with these cozy Friday evenings comes from. From the outside it looks like this: the typical Swede slips into his comfortable home clothes and starts his cozy friday with a pizza. Once the pizza is eaten, it goes on fast with chips, ice cream, a few drinks in between and snack snacks are consumed in front of the TV, while sorting his favorite programs with the remote control in hand. At the end comes a mixture of wine and beer and many sleep comfortably on the couch.

Spend the Friday evening in the family with the pizza food comfortably

Pizza is cozy at home

Fredagsmys has been embedded in Swedish culture since the 1990s, when a market campaign by chip maker OWL encouraged people to relax at home on Fridays and indulge in savory fast food after a long work week. Since then Fredagsmys has its proverbs and opponents, but most Swedes love this tradition, because on Friday night they can do a lot with their children together at home. They like to eat junk food and watch television together. Whether you are for or against this Swedish tradition, it does not look like it was soon forgotten… The good news for anyone who wants to relax on the couch on Friday night is,”If you’re in Rome, then do it like the Romans!” ,

Fish tacos are traditionally part of the Swedish dinner on Friday

Fish tacos

  • Fredagsmys is today to organize a cooking evening with family and friends

Swedes take their work very seriously. In the morning, they arrive at the workplace on time and leave in good time after work. But they know exactly how to switch off from work stress. The path to pure relaxation is Fredagsmys for them. Since the Swedes want to enjoy the Friday evenings full of comfort and domestic relaxation.

Kebab Pizza is the most popular pizza in Sweden

Kebab Pizza most popular pizza Sweden

No doubt you can do a lot on Friday evenings, but sometimes a relaxing evening with your best friends at home on the couch is the most beautiful. At least for the Swedes that’s how it is. Many order their favorite pizza (kebab pizza with a lot of extra sauce) by phone on the way home. In between, they stop at the nearby grocery store to get more crunchy snacks. Immediately after their arrival at home, they make themselves very comfortable and fully enjoy the food and their free time.

There are only a few differences in the organization, whether you spend a family evening with children or celebrate with your close friends at home. As for the food on Friday evening, there are differences. In many circles you even prefer sushi in front of the traditional pizza. Or you like to use typical Dishes of the Swedish cuisine too ,

Sushi instead of pizza?

Sushi instead of pizza

It would be best if you invite your best friends to a cozy cooking evening and prepare dinner together in the kitchen. That’s Fredagsmys in a modern Swedish way. What’s on TV while eating is not too important. Only after the meal together can you choose an exciting movie or an amusing show.

Finger food and crunchy snacks are generally still preferred, as cooking and rinsing dirty pots and pans is usually ineffective. Today tacos are for Friday night food instead of chips, but the concept remains the same.

Fajitas is eaten like

Friday evening Sweden fajitas eaten like

Conclusion : If, like the Swedes, you want to spend your Friday night at home, then invite your family members or close friends for a meal after a long work week and sit on the couch in front of the TV to watch a movie or watch TV to drink a glass of wine or beer. In any case, that will be a pleasure!

Every Friday evening Kebab Pizza is ordered and eaten by millions of Swedes

Kebab pizza swedish

Chips with sushi? Yes, on Friday evening depending on the Swedish tradition!

Chips with sushi

Good food, even in larger quantities is allowed on Friday evenings

Good food bigger

That’s how the pizza tastes best on Friday evenings!

Eat pizza Friday night at home family

Junk food is gradually being replaced by healthy food

Friday night in Sweden

Typical dishes of the Swedish cuisine are also preferred on Friday evening.

Swedish cuisine

Good food is a treat for the eye and the palate!

Enjoy your meal

Swedish style Friday evening

Something sweet, maybe as a dessert?

Something sweet

Would that also taste good? Yes why not?

Chips vegetable salads

Chips and lots of vegetables are combined, depending on the Swedish style

Chips vegetables

On Friday evening you treat yourself to something delicious

Relax at home

There is always a good mood in the family when eating pizza

Pizza eat Friday night family circle good mood

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