Galaxy Makeup: The Hottest Makeup From The Instagram

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A glittering trend from the Instagram has for some time made the hearts of all make-up artists beat faster: Galaxy Make-up! As the name suggests, this is a whole lot of sparkle and glimmer, as well as in the night sky with clear visibility. The mystical appearance of the stars has always been magically attracted and inspired by mankind. And although we are already researching and knowing much more about the universe today, the boundless unknown is always able to impress and inspire us. And this is almost felt in all areas of life and art, Make-up trends make no exception, of course.

Stay with us and be inspired by the spectacular pictures. Learn more about this new make-up trend in the following lines and how you can paint yourself in this way.

The current Galaxy makeup trend from the Internet

galaxy make up trend ideas winter

Fascination Galaxy Makeup

Delicate pink, a shimmering blue, a few twinkling stars here and there – no wonder this make-up has spread so quickly in the blogosphere. We find him at the moment not only on Instagram, where he appeared for the first time, but also practically everywhere on the net. Although the Galaxy Make-up is not particularly suitable for everyday use, it has a very important advantage.

Eyes and face in Galaxy look make-up is particularly effective. And depending on the design and colors, such a make-up is suitable for most of the festivals here as well as around the world – carnival , Halloween, New Year’s Eve…

Galaxy make-up for special occasions

The Galaxy Schminktrend is also quite versatile, adaptable and in any time of the year. Its extremely shimmering version with darker color nuances is more suitable for the winter or for the New Year’s Eve celebration, while the lighter golden summer freckles is preferred in the summer.

In addition, a make-up can extend from the face over the neck to the shoulder or can only be designed as an eye mask. Or maybe you just prefer selected facial makeup, such as lips and eyes. Self-adhesive rhinestones and Indian Bindis can be used to assist your personal galaxy. In addition to conventional cosmetics, you can also use self-made make-up or natural cosmetics.

Use Indian Bindis while applying make-up or even nail bead

glitzer galaxy make up insta trend

How to dress in Galaxy Look

Creating a meaningful Galaxy Make-up on your own face alone does not necessarily sound like a very easy task. We must agree. But for those of you who like to paint themselves and have a skilful hand, it should not be a problem at all. You can use the numerous DIY videos via Galaxy Makeup on the Internet as a guide and then follow one step by step. Or you can try out some of the cosmetics here. Depending on your desire and experience, you can make the right decision for yourself.

Here is one of our favorite video tutorials for Galaxy Makeup:

A fancy hairstyle round off the whole thing

galaxy make up trend ideas stars

Extra dressing tips for the perfect Galaxy look:

  • Create color sequences by applying different make-up layers to each other – beginning with the brightest.
  • Do not forget to use a good base for the makeup – even eyelash glue is perfect for this.
  • Finally, fix your starry sky with a special make-up spray to keep everything longer.

Find the perfect color for your universe

Spell the space on your face and enchant all the parties! We wish you a good success and a lot of fun with make-up, wonder and celebration!

Magical make-up with stars

galaxy make up makeup eyes

A whole galaxy on face and shoulder

galaxy make up makeup trends

A bit of extraterrestrial inspiration for Halloween

Easier Galaxy Make-up

galaxy make up dress up idea

Makeup with white dots and highlights

galaxy make up makeup summer

Two glittering stones as a kind of tears

galaxy make up trend eye makeup

For the true artists among you

galaxy make up trend ideas face makeup
galaxy make up trend silvester carnival
make up galaxy makeup dresses

Hair in matching colors

galaxy make up trend young woman with glasses

A few golden summer shoots provide a touch of galaxy

golden points sminke galaxy makeup
summer makeup glitter galaxy make up glitter

Care for fresh accents through lipstick or nail polish

galaxy make up trend instagram

In an instant, entire constellations of stars are created on the face…

starry sky smoky galaxy make up

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