Green Smoothies – Healthy Drinks For Your Well-being

Are you looking for a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet? Do you want to tumble some pounds and get over yours Bikini figure looking forward? Or maybe you want your health for health reasons Detoxify the body ? If your answer to any or all of these questions is positive, then you are in the right place here today. Because this article is about fresh drinks that do a lot of good for our health. We will now take a closer look at green smoothies and introduce you to the benefits that these drinks bring to your wellbeing. In addition, you will learn the reasons why the green magic drink is very trendy today. Stay tuned and find out how you can be fit and healthy in a natural way and without a strict diet.

Green smoothies can do a lot of good for your health.

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  • Where did green smoothies come from?

Right now, green smoothies are on everyone’s lips. The green drinks were”invented”in 2004 by the Russian Victoria Boutenko, as her family and children suffered from overweight. Traditional medicine could not help much, so Victoria decided to switch her diet to vegan raw food.

It was a wise decision that helped to improve the health of all family members. Then the young Russian woman went on researching and studying the eating habits of the chimpanzees. She found that monkeys living in the wild are not overweight and are perfectly healthy because they eat a lot of plant greens. She also guessed her trick to wrap a banana with leafy green and then eat them. The conclusion was then: Fruits can be combined with green leaves and salad and make a drink from it! So, drink instead of chewing! So green smoothies were invented and they are currently enjoying an ever-increasing popularity.

Green smoothies are currently very trendy.

Green smoothies with banana mango spinach

  • How to make green smoothies at home?

The preparation of this magic drink is very simple. Ripe fruit, plant greens and water are mixed in a blender to create a creamy consistency. Of course, other types of fruit are not excluded. The magic formula for making green smoothies is as follows: This is green in color, that comes from the chlorophyll in the plant leaves. However, green smoothies differ in taste, depending on which fruits you use when mixing. But they always taste super sweet and delicious and have a bitter aftertaste. This comes from the plant green, which is an indispensable part of the green Smooties. Depending on your personal taste you can take salads, spinach vegetables (for example baby spinach or Swiss chard), as well as cabbage vegetables (such as kale for example) and wild herbs. Then there are fruits and water. It is again a matter of taste which fruits you take. Most of the time you choose bananas, kiwi, avocado, apples and berries.

The formula for making green smoothies is easy.

Fresh green smoothie

  • 500 g fruits (2-3 whole fruits)
  • 100-120 g vegetable green (two large handfuls)
  • 350 g of water (1 glass)

It all comes into the blender and your delicious and super healthy magic potion is ready in no time!

Green spinach leaves and bananas are perfect for this magic potion!

Green Smoothies Protein Shakes Spinach Leaves

  • What benefits do green smoothies have for your health and well-being?

Like all new things, green smoothies have many supporters and supporters. But that does not mean the magic potion has no enemies. We do not want to involve you in any dispute, so we focus only on the pluses that bring green smoothies for our health and well-being. Here you are presented in a short overview:

  • Green smoothies cover the daily needs of fruits and vegetables and provide the body with sufficient vitamins, minerals, superelements and phytonutrients. These support all metabolic processes in the body.
  • Healthy green smoothies help to break down fat and can replace a meal. That makes her the perfect slimming product.
  • The healthy mix of plant green, fruits and water guarantees guaranteed fast and a lot of energy. After the smoothie, you will not feel tired, as often happens after a hearty meal.
  • The preparation of the green smoothies is very easy and only takes about 10 minutes. The finished drink can be kept for 2-3 days in the refrigerator and consumed on request at any time.
  • And last but not least, there are the many possibilities for preparation. For the potion you can use these fruits and vegetables that you already have at home. This gives you a slightly different taste each time.

There are no limits to your creativity in mixing fruits and vegetables.

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  • For whom are green smoothies recommended?

These healthy green mixed drinks are basically suitable for all people who want to lose a few kilos. If you are looking to eat a healthy diet and have enough vitamins, minerals and super elements, then green smoothies are ideal for you. Moreover, the fresh green drinks are perfect for all hard-working people who find little time to cook. They give them more energy in everyday life and improve concentration. Green smoothies can only help you stay fit and stay young longer because of the healthy ingredients. That’s why they are preferred by models, actors and stars. They also help the athletes a lot because they accelerate the regeneration time of the muscles. Green smoothies eliminate skin problems and prevent any risks from the diseases of civilization, such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc.

A glass full of healthy substances

Green smoothie spinach leaves

We would only discourage pregnant and breastfeeding women from consuming green smoothies. These drinks are also unsuitable for diabetics and could not be recommended to people with digestive problems or digestive disorders.

We hope you are not one of the last groups of people and can fully enjoy your green smoothies!

This green smoothie is quick to prepare.

fresh green smoothie a few red raspberries

The preparation of the fruits and the plant green takes only a few minutes.

Apple spinach leaves ingredients green smoothies blender

Give all desired ingredients and mix!

Green smoothies detoxify the body and reduce fat.

Fresh green smoothie in glass of lemon apple plant green

Very popular are green smoothies with bananas….

Ripe bananas spinach green smoothies

.. and an apple to it.

Vegetarian wonder drink homemade fruit vegetables green smoothie apple banana spinach leaves

Kiwi, lemons and pineapple are also suitable for smoothie preparation.

Green Smoothies Ingredients Banana Lemon Kiwi Pineapple Apple Plant Green

Some strawberries emphasize the sweet taste of the smoothie.

Healthy green smoothie chia seeds strawberries fruits vegetables

Eat healthy, with green smoothies!

Green smoothie in glass avocado spinach leaves