Grünkohl-a Long, Healthy, German Tradition

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green cabbage heart

Find out more about the Super food Collard Greens

Kale is a kind of Super food. Due to its wonderful properties, he’s still healthier than other recognized vegetables, such as spinach about. The King in the richness of the leafy greens can be called Collard Greens.

It is no coincidence that especially the North like to eat Kale

Kale smoothy smoothy

Kale and the vegetarian and vegan diet

More and more people turn their backs to the traditional diet and take the path of vegan life. Nutrition experts are now looking for suitable alternatives that make it possible for these people to eat yet healthy and never one-sided.

As the famous vitamin C supplier of Kale is eaten like especially in winter

green cabbage leaf

But Kale is not so revolutionary really well. There are many dishes that can be prepared for. In Europe, this vegetable is often combined with stewed meat. This tradition dates back to old times in our history. She comes from the middle ages and the Scandinavian countries. To this day, many dishes with Kale in Central Europe are common.

In Taiwan and Malaysia, many very tasty and somewhat exotic for us soup prepared from it.

The green cabbage can be eaten freshly hard

green cabbage leaves

The healthy properties of Grünkohls compared to other products

Like all kinds of leafy vegetables also the Kale has lots of fiber, folic acid and chlorophyll. They significantly improve the work of the stomach-intestinal system.

Some people refer to the green vegetables as the vegan lamb. This is due to the large amount of iron. In some cases, you get even more iron than with the consumption of the meat by the Kale.

The fresh leaves of the vegetables are very tough

green cabbage Federal

Kale and milk

Also kale and milk can compare well with each other. Vegetables namely delivers much calcium. In addition, the leaves contain much vitamin K. This means per se that the vegetable is very healthy. It so protects against osteoporosis, arthritis, arthritis. Kale is so much better than any dairy product for our bone system.

The vegetable is harvested only then, when the first frost arrives

Kale smoothy Frost

A good detoxifier

Kale is also a very good detoxifier. He has an excellent effect especially in the gastrointestinal tract. That’s why he is very suitable for various forms of healthy nutrition.

The consumption of coal is our body power and strength when he needs it most

green cabbage healthy

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also generously included in the Kale leaves. He has about 16 times more of it than the carrots and 4 times more than the spinach. You get plenty to vitamin A.

Cabbage is grown throughout Europe

green cabbage smoothy box

Grow Kale

Kale is very easy to breed. You get easily many great sheets. You need these to enjoy all the properties of this vegetable.

To plant the Kale, you need the seeds first. In small containers of plants, let the rods resulting reach 10-15 centimeters. You don’t need to fertilize them.

They should shred while they are fresh and crisp, the young leaves. Then, they are also non-bitter, which may be the case for the older.

Except for the traditional green cabbage dinners suitable vegetables for smoothies and stews

green Nkohl smoothy leaves

Kale not everyone tastes, keep fit and active the body but in the dark and icy winter

Grünk OHL smoothy evaporation

Use in the gastronomy

Prepare Kale as well as all other types of leafy vegetables. From these, you can make many delicious smoothies. Adding a little lemon could lead to achieve a smoother taste. It would be ideal to cook the Kale on steam.

Teach the children how to can build green cabbage in the garden

green Nkohl smoothy In the garden

The taste is slightly bitter, but most people find it very pleasant. In other words, if you’ve eaten so far no Kale, the time for that is now.

The Ingwer-Kale combination is in winter guaranteed healthy and cheerful hold

green cabbage smoothy

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