Hazelnuts Healthy And Knackig-a Natural Treasure

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hazelnuts healthy with shell

Why are nuts healthy?

Not only Waldtierchen may nibble on healthy hazelnuts! These gifts of nature are also quite tasty for humans. In addition, they meet us with life energy. You are absolutely vital for our tone. The hazelnuts hide many healthy “secrets” under the shell. We want to reveal them now…

Hazel nuts are eaten like small, us gross human and animal

hazelnuts healthy squirrel

In the past, also estimated

In very early times, it got the people out that hazel nuts are healthy. The Greeks and the Romans were the first to have planted in their yards and gardens. For them, the hazelnuts were also symbols of many good things. You versinnbildlichten health, peace, wealth and power.

The hazelnut shrub likes it warm and sunny

hazelnuts healthy on the tree

Why the hazelnuts are healthy?

Hazelnuts are rich in Mono-saturated fats. These are the oleic acid and linoleic acid. They are important for our body, because they reduce the bad cholesterol and increase the level of good.

Hazel nuts are healthy because they contain many other useful substances. These are fiber, vitamin E, manganese, potassium, calcium, zinc, iron, selenium. So heavily promote your immune system due to the ingestion of hazelnuts. These nuts affect the lipids in the blood in a positive manner. Thus, heart failures and diseases such as stroke and cancer are avoided.

A handful of hazelnuts keeps you on the day alive and young

hazelnuts healthy

Good news for future mothers

Hazelnuts are good also for pregnant women. They are very rich in folic acid. This serves as a prevention for many health problems during pregnancy

Hazelnut oil

The hazelnut oil has a very beneficial and healthy effect. She has a wonderful aroma and excellent taste. The external application has a fantastic on the skin. With the hazelnut oil, nourish your skin well and protect them from drying out.

The nuts keep long and look good even as a decoration

hazelnuts healthy dish

Hazelnut oil finds widespread use in the gastronomy in the aroma therapy, in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Hazelnut oil is a valuable lotion for the skin

hazelnuts healthy oil

In the hospitality industry

Hazelnuts are offered in a wide variety of shapes on the market. You can find only the nuts themselves, as well as the whole fruit with the shell. In the second case, you will receive much more edible and healthy the hazelnuts. You will receive your good taste longer.

The aromatic hazelnut is often preferred in the preparation of many delicious food and beverages

hazelnuts healthy seeds nuts

The Haselnusstahin makes it irresistible many appetizers and sauces

hazelnuts healthy butter Tahin

More and more outlandish, exotic salads are prepared with hazelnuts. Many breakfast recipes include these nuts and provide for charging our body with energy in the early morning.

The use of hazelnuts in the confectionery industry is very popular. None of the major manufacturers of sweets, chocolate, biscuits and cakes missed the opportunity to use it in its own products.

Bakers and confectioners will appreciate the hazelnut good qualities

hazelnuts healthy nuts

With cocoa and hazelnut, you can prepare the Nutella loved by us all

hazelnuts healthy desserts

Allergy to hazelnuts

Hazel nuts are healthy, but can cause allergy in some people. It happens to the people who have an intolerance to protein. Often, an allergic condition against hazelnuts is already in childhood. At that time, the children are not yet strong and have even built their immunity does not very well. In any case, allergy to hazelnuts are not to be underestimated and should keep away unfortunately the finger of the nuts, if this is the case for you.

Hazelnuts are very calories and you should enjoy them with caution

hazelnuts healthy cake

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