Healthy Breakfast Ideas With Fruits And Pancakes

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Healthy breakfast ideas – pancakes taste better with fruit

Fast, nutritious, tasty, and easy to take–must be a healthy breakfast. It should taste a bit different each time and look for the beginning of the day to be really happy. The healthy breakfast ideas with pancakes, which we today offer you, are in this style.

Healthy breakfast ideas with pancakes

healthy breakfast ideas fruit of ricotta pancakes

Healthy breakfast ideas that are also super delicious

healthy eating banana pancakes honnig

Why are fruity pancakes so healthy?

The fruity pancakes are especially then healthy, if they are prepared from whole wheat flour. They have a healthy base of proteins and fiber. They are fed up and have power for several hours. The fruits enhance this effect with more vitamins. The General nutritional values are very high and it keeps the calories low, if you have used too much butter, eggs and sugar for cooking.

Fruity pancakes look great

healthy breakfast ideas pancakes

The base

You can smear some cream on the pancakes, but it is not very greasy. The fruity pancakes taste very good with nuts and some honey to, sometimes jam.

Nuts add great taste the pancakes

healthy eating pancakes nuts

Pancake ideas with jam

healthy breakfast ideas jam pancakes

Tasty and healthy combination of fruits

Ricotta, almonds, figs and maple syrup

Eat more figs, if you do not anyway. You are one of the most delicious sources of dietary fiber and are therefore great for breakfast. Ricotta and almonds enrich breakfast of vitamins and minerals. So a pancakes taste really juicy!

Prepare pancakes with figs

healthy breakfast ideas pancakes fig

Apples, almond butter, raisins and cinnamon

You can reach a very balanced taste with raisins and apples. Fill your body with all important ingredients and a good amount of water.

Apples with raisins and cinnamon

healthy breakfast ideas pancake raisin cinnamon Apple

Treat to something delicious

healthy breakfast ideas pancake raisin Apple

Berries, yogurt and crunchy Granola

The combination of these three ingredients in a pancake makes an energy bomb from this breakfast. When you start your day with such a treat, you can handle successfully all intellectual and physical challenges in your everyday work.

Pancakes with berries

healthy breakfast ideas pancakes berries cereal

Do you get hungry at once?

healthy eating yogurt Berry pancakes

Banana, peanut butter and honey

Here, you can use the whole banana, without stomping or dismember them. In the meantime but would rather not so often take Nutella instead of honey…

Striking combination of banana and honey

healthy breakfast ideas banana honey pancakes

Mango, cream cheese, avocado and lime

The avocado belongs not only to savory recipes and salads. This fruit tastes wonderful in the morning and gives lots of energy. You unfolds their best features, taste as well as health, in combination with the delicious mango and cream cheese. Some limes are on hand to ensure that the fat is well processed.

Avocado pancake idea

healthy eating avocado pancakes

Pancakes taste great with mango and lime

healthy eating pancakes mango lime

Pears, cheese and dates

Pears, cheese and dates together make a wonderful blend for savory pancake-filling. It will give you lots of energy in the morning and the taste is tasty and juicy.

PEAR pancakes

healthy breakfast ideas pancakes pears dates

Try out but our pancakes – ideas! What is common between all is that they offer a balanced mix of carbohydrates, proteins and sugars. If you devise your own combinations, you try to get the healthy relationship between all of these.

healthy breakfast ideas fruit strawberries

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