Healthy Living: You Must Never Store These Foods In The Refrigerator

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Healthy living: properly store the food in the kitchen

The refrigerators are among the most useful and therefore most popular facilities in the kitchen. However, they are not good for everything! There are foods that lose their healthy properties as soon as they are kept there. You then also no longer so good taste. Here some popular products that wrong that are kept in the refrigerator be. We also explain why not to do just that.

Healthy living – the correct storage of the products is of great importance

healthy living kitchen refrigerator products

Olive oil

Haven’t you heard it, that the olive oil in a dark and dry place should be kept? The fridge is clearly not such a place. The temperature is too low and freezes the olive oil. Firstly you can use it badly now and that is impractical, and secondly, it loses many of its healthy properties at the constant freezing and thawing.

Healthy living – what products should be kept in the refrigerator?

live healthy kitchen properly organize olive oil


Archaeologists found honey, that is still edible in thousand-year old buildings. This product needs so no fridge and again – when you store it, you must thaw it in some cases and this reduces its healthy properties.

Honey you don’t need to plug in the refrigerator

live healthy honey keep kitchen planning


Why should someone store coffee in the refrigerator?  Perhaps because one finds no place somewhere else. That may be an argument but at all!  Coffee has the ability to absorb moisture and thus other odors. So, your morning drink may smell garlic… UPS! Garlic should be also from the fridge out!

Better keep the coffee in a kitchen cabinet

coffee live healthy products keep kitchen

Storage ideas for the kitchen

healthy coffee cabinet storage space live ideas


The garlic in the fridge is no fatale idea, but also not very good. Small green bars will grow over time and the toes are musty.  Also, many more foods will absorb its smell. You have no better place for this?

Good looking where you keep the garlic

live healthy garlic properly store


The avocado will not spoil in the fridge, but that is not the problem with this product. We should not only keep the avocados, but this fruit should ripen.  This works better at room temperature.

It is better if you keep the avocado at room temperature

healthy living tips storage ideas avocado


The potatoes are a product can often in the refrigerator. It appears many practical, but it is wrong. You alter your texture and can be sweet. Get this rather immediately and keep it in a suitable place.

The fridge is not a suitable place for the potatoes

live healthy potatoes properly store tips

How do we know that a product in the refrigerator may?

There are many other products which must not be stored in the refrigerator. How we know that it is those? You should follow the changes in these and the quality must be fundamentally not worse. The liquid substances should remain so and do not freeze. The taste and the texture may not substantially change. Also, the smell should be not too dominant, so that it will be absorbed by other products.

The fridge is not a natural environment for the storage of most products. You should organize your kitchen so that there is enough other storage areas.

Tips for storage of products

Some home owners store all products in the refrigerator because that appears practical to them. Thus you are spoiling the quality of many foods and ingredients, and the food taste not so good, as would be usual. Great storage ideas you come to the rescue.

First, determine the cabinets or shelves, in which you plan to store the products. You should be generally dark and dry – that’s very good for most of the products that may not be in the fridge.

Then you need the appropriate vessels – require the most vegetables dishes and best they should be from sustainable materials like wood. So, they emit no toxins to your products. In addition, they will have a neutral odour.

In a beautiful Bowl, fruit even considered decoration

live healthy fruit kitchen table schuessel

The systems out of drawers tucked in the lower kitchen cabinets work very well. You can store a number of products on kitchen surfaces. Choose nice looking bowls that give the whole kitchen interior of a decorative value.

An attractive way to store fruit

healthy living ideas kitchen storage fruits

You should split the oil bottles to prefer one or two drawers in the closet. You need to determine just the right height for this.

The proper order of products helps you much to live healthily. Get their healthy properties on the one hand and on the other, you have a nice overview about what you can use. So, it will be probably easier to cook more varied.

Creative storage ideas for the products in the kitchen

storage live healthy ideas properly store food products

We want to bring you the best order in your kitchen and prepare many tasty meals made from healthy products! Then enjoy your meal!

Properly store the various products in the kitchen

kitchen live healthy potatoes organize storage space

Why you needed the refrigerator actually?

live healthy eggs fridge of staiuraum ideas

Many products can be kept in the kitchen cupboards

live healthy products organize kitchen cabinets

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