Healthy Living You Need To Know With The Floral / Herbal Medicine – Facts And Tips

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Healthy living – like floral / herbal medicine affects the organism

How to cure your fatigue and constant voltage? Drive you somewhere outside the city on the weekend? This is certainly a very good idea. You must secure themselves a direct contact with nature but also on the other days. It is this which gives us much strength and energy.

Healthy living and recognize the admiring power of flowers

healthy living phytotherapy blue flower white stone

Healthy living and surround yourself with plants

effect live healthy flower therapy colors

There are many ways how you can enjoy the closeness to nature. A good method is known as phytotherapy, flower therapy. Have you heard already? This is a holistic method for the healing of the human soul and the human body.

Do you know the phytotherapy as a holistic method?

healthy living green flowers meaning effect

The beautiful flowers are also health effect on the human body

healthy living tiny charming blue flowers

We share our article on this topic in two. First, we want to communicate a bit theoretical information about the plant therapy and our opinion that discuss why it is so popular. In the second part of the article we go the more concrete.  It is because to a certain aspect and namely how the colors of the different flowers can affect us.

Known for centuries, systematized in the latest time

People enjoy it for centuries, to work with plants. However, the systematized knowledge of their properties is an achievement of the latest time.

According to researchers, such as for example, Edward Bach, the plants collect much energy in as they grow. After they are picked, they spread this energy around them. Bach medical researchers sees particular potential to pick up the contradiction between body and mind in the plants. Follow straight out of this contradiction also all other problems, mental as well as health.

Flowers help us to lift the opposition between mind and body

live healthy phytotherapy yellow Daffodil vase

The plant therapy is an umbrella term for many holistic methods. You put on it, that the plants with our subconscious, that source is understood by all suffering and health itself, as can be seen together. There are regional currents (usually we let influence us best of plants in our environment) and there is also internationally popular ways.

An example of the first type of therapy is the Bach flower therapy.

Here is an example of the second kind: some theories about flower therapy, experts are based on the recognition that each color for a certain emotion represents. By we surround ourselves with flowers in matching shades, also the setting or property will appear.

Do you want to try the herbal medicine as the method itself?

phytotherapy live healthy bouquet vase white flower purple

Scientific evidence

The theme of plant therapy is taken quite seriously in the academic and medical circles, and there are ancient taboos on one after the other. For example, the report shows that by “the New York Times” about it. There Miss Nancy Chambers cited – a prestigious doctor of Essex County Hospital. She says that her practice of the increasing effectiveness of phytotherapy speaks and for the Elimination of old taboos. The article is pointed out also that the plant therapy introduces eight universities in the United States as a specialization.

Different people, different plants

As already mentioned, the phytotherapy includes different directions. According to a more universal, they affect us through their colors.

Throw away the dry flower bouquet and thus many annoying problems

After the Creek, we throw our problems together with the dry flower bouquet theory. In addition, you can learn the condition of flowers and flower pots in a House more or less about the character of the owner. The character also diseases and other life problems follow.

Beware that in time throw away the withered flowers

phytotherapy live healthy colored bouquet

The flowers affect us in different ways. That hangs together with their size, form and various other factors. Of importance is also the colour of the flowers. This aspect of the appearance of the flower is also the most crucial in addition to the aroma.

In today’s introduction to the Bach flower therapy we therefore turn to the colour.

White flowers

To install the white flowers with beautiful thoughts and good actions combined. Recommended them for emotional crises.

White tulips look so romantic and tender

live healthy white tulips white effect organism phytotherapy

Put the flowers in a vase and decorate the apartment

effect live healthy white flowers white

Yellow flowers

This is the color of the Sun, of the new day, hope and good expectations. Yellow flowers help us in infectious diseases.

A fresh color is yellow

healthy living phytotherapy flower effect yellow

Bring spring by yellow tulips

healthy yellow tulips live effect phytotherapy

Red flowers

Red flowers symbolize the quest for victory and success. They stimulate the appetite and promote the nervous system. Red flowers are good for the hormonal activity of people. You help to cure diseases of the internal organs.

Red is a dominant color

healthy red flowers living organism effect

Red roses are an elegant decoration at home

live healthy red roses of stylish meaning

Green flowers

The Green flowers help us, if we want to focus on a goal. You continue to promote memory and logical thinking.

Green hydrangeas are beautiful and mysterious

phytotherapy living healthy hydrangeas light green flowers

Blue flowers

Blue flowers have a soothing effect. They counteract the agitation and aggressiveness. Thus, to fight also harmful habits.

Calm blue flowers

healthy living phytotherapy meaning blue color

You should know, a bouquet of flowers can mean more than a nice gesture. Give beautiful flowers your loved ones more often, because so you can heal them also.

How do we determine if plant therapy for us is right? The knowledge about the effect of the flowers, the plants and the concrete example – the healing power of their colors has been always intuitive. I.e. Usually for themselves, you can experiment to find out whether you feel better thanks to the flowers or not. A systematic basis knowledge can help you better control the healing energy. If all this has effect, it is worth most to find a therapist that will help you to increase the effectiveness of this healing method.

Flowers are not only a decoration, but a kind of therapy

healthy living dekoideen flowers white flowers

Finally a remark: the therapist must be nice and courteous behavior towards you and bring deep sympathy and trust. If this is not the case, the therapy has usually no effect, even if the same person has helped many others.

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