Healthy With Almonds And Beautiful Be

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What are almonds healthy?

The almond is a very tasty and healthy nut that has an application in the kitchen as well as in cosmetics.

Almonds General

The Orient and also North Africa is home to the almonds. On the whole, grow and mature almonds, where the sun shines long in the sky.  This nut is ripe on protein, fat, calcium and iron, vitamins of Group E and B. The bitter almonds should not be eaten raw. Which are either used to win by essences or for cooking and baking. The roasted salt almonds are excellent for in between meals or as an addition to vegetarian dishes.

Almonds grow and mature in sunny areas such as Italy, Spain and Greece

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You can get more almond flour and almond milk almond. The almond flour is the main ingredient of marzipan. Almond milk can successfully replace cow’s milk during fasting or vegan food.

Almonds against cold and flu

British and Italian scientists report that regular consumption of almonds can be preventive against flu and increases immunity.

The frequent consumption of almonds slows aging

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The use of almond oil softens the hair and the nails

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Almonds reduce cholesterol in the body

75 g girls a day help reduce cholesterol in the body. Thus, the risk of heart disease is limited.

For a healthy heart you often eat almonds

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For high blood pressure

People with high blood pressure should integrate almonds in their diet. The blood pressure is controlled and the complaints fade slowly.

Almonds regulate blood pressure

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Cancer screening

The high amount of fiber in the nuts cleanses the intestines, causing no toxins can accumulate up.

Raw almonds have a purifying function for the body

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Lose weight with almonds

A handful of almonds for breakfast gives you a feeling of saturation.

Almond milk is the vegan answer to cow’s milk

almonds healthy almond milk

Give a multiple hair treatment with almond oil

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Almond oil

The almond oil is used like because its rewarding effect on skin and hair cosmetics.  We see fragrant organic almond oil almond oil-SOAP, body lotions, nourishing lip balms and ointments. The almond oil and almond milk act successfully against inflammation and irritation and intensively maintain healthy skin.

The SOAP with almond oil protects the skin, instead of drying

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And one more thing…

Why are the almonds healthy? They are rich in proteins and it is important to eat something like this every day. In addition, they slow down the aging process in the body and accelerate the regeneration. Almond and in General nuts are an effective remedy for constipation and finally the almonds increase brain activity.

Protein size and filling the almonds are a delicious and very healthy diet

almonds healthy almonds nuts

The valuable nut must not be missed in our menu of the day, nor in our natural cosmetics

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